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This Weeks Losers (Sept. 16th -21st)

September 21st, 2007 . by admin

Andrei Kirilenko / Dolph Lundgren1. AK-47 / Andrei Kirilenko
Dolph Lundgren err.. I mean Andrei wants to walk away from over sixty million dollars to get the hell out of Utah. His official reason is “he doesn’t like Jerry Sloan’s structured style of offense”, but I really think it’s the Mormons.

new tampa bay rays logo2. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
The Tampa Bay Devil Rays have decided to change their name to simply the “Rays”, fearing that the world “devil” brings a negative connotation to the team. Check out this BS:

“When [new owner] Stu Sternberg came in, he said there was a need for dramatic change. One way for dramatic change is to change the name,” team president Matt Silverman told the paper.
Silverman said that one option is to remove the “Devil” from Devil Rays after meetings with focus groups revealed a negative association with the with word “devil,” the Tribune reported.
“When they liked something we did, they would refer to us as the Rays. If they were discussing a complaint or gripe, we were the Devil Rays,” Silverman told the paper.

3. Boxing
Boxing couldn’t do anything right this week. Oscar De La Hoya got his “To Wong Foo” on, Fernando Vargas postponed/canceled his fight with Ricardo Mayorga (Vargas was reportedly 100lbs overweight), and Sam Peter’s fight with Maskaev also went out of the window.

4.Isiah Thomas
More details from Isiah Thomas’ sexual harassment trial emerged. Testimony in the trial revealed Thomas allegedly thinks it’s okay for black men to call black women “bitch”, but not okay for whites:

Nix’s testimony came a day after a jury watched Thomas’ video deposition, where he said that white men weren’t allowed to call black women “bitch,” but black men could.

“I’m sorry to say, I do make a distinction,” Thomas said in a videotaped admission viewed by a Manhattan federal jury yesterday.

Kim Kardashians Ass5.Kim Kardashian
Reggie Bush’s new girlfriend is planning to bare it all in an upcoming issue of Playboy Magazine, this would have been great if we hadn’t already seen Ray-J give her the business 4 months ago. Us Magazine says she’s “gonna show one boob, plus her bare butt”. What is this, middle school??? A good internet search can bring up goodies such as this, and even more if you know where to look. (click to enlarge)——->

Ric Flair Finance6. Ric Flair
Would you trust financial advice from someone dressed like this? ……. me neither. Mortgage needs? Auto Loans? Just let Ric use his patented Figure Four Process and you’re good to go. If this business takes off, how will I get to see a sixty year old get powerbombed through 2 wooded tables?

Marcia Clark’s plastic surgery7. Marcia Clark’s Grill
Since O.J. is back in trouble, this old hag is resurfacing on news shows around the country giving her bitter two cents. How did she manage to get uglier than she was in the early 90s sporting the white people jheri curl? What happened to her face?

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  1. comment number 1 by: PankyNo Gravatar

    I was gonna say if AK47 could have a few extra wives… he might stay, but i just remembered his wife is really pretty.

    and lol @ marcia clark.. I think she looks 10 times better than she did last year..

    there really arent words for DLH…. I’m hoping it was just a gag or an early halloween costume.. I want to hear mayweathers thoughts on DLH’s apparel.. lol

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