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RIP Evel Knievel

November 30th, 2007 . by admin

Evel passed away today at the age of 69, he was suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosi, which is an incurable lung condition.

Just last night I was reading an Evel Knievel interview in Maxim Magazine, and he mentioned that in 2003, his doctors told him he wouldn’t live past 2006. He was on borrowed time and he seemed at peace with it, he also mentioned that he had been an atheist for almost his entire life. According to Evel, god spoke to him in a hotel room last year and let him know he did indeed exist. The interviewer mentioned Evel started to cry after recalling some of the things he had said about god in the past.

Anyways, it’s cool he squashed his beef with the lord before he died. If they don’t let him in he could always jump the pearly gates in his motorcycle.

Here’s a Tribute video:

Cris Carter Speaks On Sean Taylor & Educating Young Black Men

November 29th, 2007 . by admin

I saw this bit on HBO’s Inside The NFL and had to upload it for you guys to see. Cris Carter spoke on the Sean Taylor situation and was more insightful and more useful than any of the talking heads I’ve seen on TV so far. I’m sure most of you have heard about Wilbon saying he “wasn’t surprised Sean Taylor was murdered”, or Jason Whitlock calling the hip hop community “the black KKK”.

Unlike Michael Wilbon and Uncle Ruckus a.k.a Jason Whitlock, Cris Carter isn’t interested in finger pointing and venting his frustrations on hip hop or the black community. Cris Carter is all about fixing the problem and helping young athletes get on the right path from the start.

Carter has actually lived the life of a young, black, and rich athlete with behavior problems and eventually found his way out of that life into a mature role model. It’s important for people like this to get as much airtime as the sensationalists, mostly because they’ll actually know what they’re talking about. Check it out…

Tony Kornheiser Quitting Monday Night Football?

November 29th, 2007 . by admin


Unlike most normal people, I actually like and enjoy Tony Kornheiser on television. I’ve been a big fan of Pardon The Interruption for years and Kornheiser’s move into the booth was icing on the cake. ESPN has stuck by him despite the many criticisms but it’s looking like he may leave the booth to focus on his radio show.

DCRTV is hearing more rumblings that Washington Post superstar sports columnist Tony Kornheiser will not be returning to ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser“Monday Night Football” next season. We’re told that Kornheiser wants to focus on his local morning radio show, which resumes on new talker 3WT in January, and on his ESPN “PTI” afternoon TV program. Kornheiser’s decision to give up the “MNF” color spot could cause some hurt feelings at ESPN, which removed sports media rival and former Redskin great Joe Theismann from the “MNF” broadcast booth before this season’s shows started. However, Kornheiser has publicly said that he and Theismann have a friendly relationship.

I don’t think this has anything to do with his radio show, Tony has feelings and is sick of people taking shots at him. You can’t let people get you off your game Tony!!

How can you not love someone who dresses up like a pilgrim and talks sports with a straight face?

Bigger Idiot: Michael Vick or MC Hammer?

November 29th, 2007 . by admin

So, a conversation I had with someone tonight raised the following question:

Who fell off the hardest? Michael Vick or MC Hammer? Until Vick decided to risk his livelihood with Bad Newz Kennels we hadn’t seen a black man lose this much money since MC Hammer filed for bankruptcy in the early 90s.

Vick vs. Hammer

Although Vick lost more money than Hammer, I think Hammer still takes home the crown. Anyone who pays $500,000 a month for an entourage is hard to beat..

Speaking of idiots with money.. Check out Read the rest of this entry »

Antrel Rolle: “Sean Taylor Was Killed By Former Friends”

November 28th, 2007 . by admin

Things are about to get ugly in 5….4….3….2…..

Arizona Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle broke his silence today by giving his opinion on what happened to Sean Taylor and who killed him. Check it out:

Antrel Rolle vowed Wednesday to make sure Sean Taylor is remembered. He added he did not believe the killing was part of a burglary gone sour, and that Taylor had many enemies on the streets of Miami.

“This was not the first incident,” Rolle said. “They’ve been targeting him for three years now.” Rolle said many former “friends” had it in for Taylor, who was trying to build a more stable life.

“He really didn’t say too much,” Rolle said, “but I know he lived his life pretty much scared every day of his life when he was down in Miami because those people were targeting him. At least, he’s got peace now.”

I don’t like where things are headed, because although by all accounts it seems Sean Taylor had turned his life around, he’s going to be vilified in the media and indirectly blamed for his own death. This is not American Gangster, Taylor didn’t lead any vast criminal enterprise, he didn’t commit any atrocious crimes. Like many black males he simply had a bunch of friends who didn’t have their shit straight, then eventually realized that and distanced himself.

But instead of celebrating his life, this will undoubtedly deteriorate into a bullshit Don Imus-like story about hip hop culture ruining America. I’ve seen this story too many times and it’s stale.

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