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Mel Blount Calls The Baltimore Ravens ‘Pathetic’ On MNF

November 5th, 2007 . by admin

Every once in a while, old people prove that when they aren’t sucking up social security and watching Matlock, they can be pretty damned entertaining.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are honoring their ’78 Super Bowl championship team tonight, which turned out to be a good move because the home team completely blew out the visiting Ravens. Monday Night Football sideline reporter Michelle Tafoya pulled aside hall of famer Mel Blount for a few seconds and asked him about the blowout game . Instead of giving the typical TV canned answer about them “going through struggles” or “having a bad night” Mel kept it real.

Well, I’ll tell you what, it’s kind of embarrassing that you’re in a professional league and you can’t perform any better than that. Granted, the Steelers are a tough defense but…. it’s pretty pathetic.

This doesn’t quite match up to Monday Night Football classic moments such as Joe Namath trying to kiss Suzy Kolber while drunk, or Jimmy Kimmel giving a shout out to the recently fired Joe Theismann, but it’s great to hear during a boring 38-7 blowout.

4 Responses to “Mel Blount Calls The Baltimore Ravens ‘Pathetic’ On MNF”

  1. comment number 1 by: PearlNo Gravatar

    that was by far the best part of last nights game.. hilarious.. love the fact that he kept it real.

  2. comment number 2 by: BradNo Gravatar

    The man has no class. Real good Mel, that’s gonna go over really well with the kids in Pop Warner watching the game. Let’s forget the whole sportsmanship thing and just call the losing team pathetic rather than do the handshake thing. The guy should STFU and pay homage to the steroids that got the Steelers their 4 superbowls in the 70s.

  3. comment number 3 by: Sportaphile

    [...] anybody on TV more entertaining than ex NFL players these days? Just a few weeks after Mel Blount slayed the Baltimore Ravens on national television, this time it’s former Miami Dolphins safety Mercury Morris had a few comments about the New [...]

  4. comment number 4 by: frankNo Gravatar

    where was Mel Blount last year when the Ravens blew out the Steelers 27-0 in the first meeting at Baltimore and then blew them out again 31-7 in their second meeting AT PITTSBURGH!

    Granted he’s a washed up OLD turd who probably can’t remember what he had for breakfast this morning, but he should at least remember the beating his beloved steelers took from the so called “Pathetic” Ravens.

    What he should have pointed out is that for once the puss Roethlisberger MIGHT actually make it through a full game against the Ravens without getting his fragile self hurt.

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