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French Swimmer Laure Manaudou’s Naked Photos Hit The Web

December 20th, 2007 . by admin

The topic of this post involves two things I don’t particularly care for… swimming and the French, but ‘bare’ with me….

Following in our shameless tradition of providing photos of Kimberly Bell and Kim Kardashian, here are the naked photos of French Swimmer Laure Manaudou. Allegedly, her ex boyfriend Luca Marin got pissed off and leaked these online, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. He denies it of course:

“I know nothing about the video and have only seen the photos. Yes, it looks like it’s really her but it is ridiculous to think it was me who put them there,” Marin told the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

WARNING: The photos are VERY explicit. Not safe for work WHATSOEVER. Clicking the link below is the kinda stuff that will get you fired.

Not only are the pictures explicit… she’s ugly. So you’d get fired for nothing.

Okay… you’ve been sufficiently warned, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CARNAGE

Shout out to [Epic Carnival for the heads up]

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