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Since OSU obviously didn’t belong in the ‘ship game who did….

January 8th, 2008 . by Stankoniforous One

Well there are several candidates judging from the mismatched bowl games, namely USC and Georgia.  A lesser case could be made for Mizzou but they got undressed by OU twice, who got decimated by WVU themselves.  There are two one loss teams in Kansas and Hawaii, but Hawaii got their pineapples beaten to a pulp by UGA.  So.. they are out.   Kansas got past Va Tech, but again they lost to Mizzou who…..exactly.  So we are left with USC and Georgia.  The Bulldogs can be eliminated for failing to win the SEC.  USC lost to Stanford.  Confused yet? 

The Stankoniforous One is all for a playoff system or a plus 1, somethin other than being subjected to an overmatched opponent in the ‘ship game, or we ban the SEC from playin the Big 1o (11) for the title.  Here’s an idea, let’s pretend that 2007 never happened, as far as college football is concerned, deal?  It never happened

The Stankoniforous One

2 Responses to “Since OSU obviously didn’t belong in the ‘ship game who did….”

  1. comment number 1 by: ChuckNo Gravatar

    I’m not sure who deserved it… but I know we DO need a playoff system. I have to admit I loved the parity this season, absolutely nobody was safe.

    Hawaii pretty much confirmed the BCS was correct in leaving them out of the top 10 rankings all year long.

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