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“Never Back Down”: The MMA Movie Trailer

January 26th, 2008 . by admin

If you ever needed proof that mixed martial arts is surging in popularity, Hollywood has given them their own little teenybopper feature film.

I’ve been to the movies twice in the last week, once to see Cloverfield (meh), and a few days later to see Rambo (possibly the manliest film ever made). During both visits, I was forced to sit through a trailer for this MMA movie “Never Back Down’.

I actually laughed during the first time I watched this preview, it looks like they took the script from “The Fast And The Furious”, removed all references to cars, and plugged in references to fighting. A bunch of privileged kids who are bored of spending daddy’s money start pretending they’re Tito Ortiz to impress their girlfriends.

Here’s the kicker, I’m actually going to go pay to see this bullshit when it’s released. Solely for the purpose of reviewing it on this website. Actually, I think I may pay to see something else, and sneak into this film after I see the movie I really want to see. Since I spend so much time and money in theaters, I figured I might as well start reviewing all the sports films that are released.

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