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Scrooge McDuck: The Originator Of ‘Makin It Rain’

February 27th, 2008 . by admin

Scrooge McDuck Makin It RainProfessional athletes flaunt their wealth so much these days, that nobody even bats an eyelash when Floyd Mayweather throws a stack of $100 bills into the air. We’ve heard about Pacman Jones making it rain in strip clubs, we’ve heard about Darius Miles and Dennis Dixon changing the forecast, but none of these men pay homage to the true pioneer of ballin.

Everything your favorite professional athlete and rappers are doing now, has already been done by Mr. Scrooge McDuck in the 1980s. Ya boy scrooge has been throwing money in the air since they had small faces. When you think back to the Duck Tales cartoon, this dude could put Shaq to shame on MTV Cribs

“You put your money in a BANK Mr. O’neal?.. .ahahahaa”…. Scrooge had a tower of gold coins chillin in the back yard. He went SWIMMING in his money, I know it has to hurt to land face first in a tank of coins, but the satisfaction of being that rich heals your wounds real quick.

Scrooge was also better at good ole mean spirited fun. Wheres the pleasure in gently showering less fortunate souls with your hard earned dollar bills? Scrooge could just pelt a bitch right in the middle of her forehead with a hunk of gold. Thats next level pimpin right there.

We salute you Scrooge…. we salute you…

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