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Elite XC Coming To Primetime Network Television And Kimbo Slice Is Invited For Dinner

February 28th, 2008 . by admin

Kimbo slice scares white peopleThe CBS owned Elite XC mixed martial arts promotion will be broadcast on network TV later this spring, in a move that arguably bolsters the entire sport.

The sometimes ultra violent MMA has moved into the forefront of American culture, and we will now have the pleasure of seeing people knocked unconscious every Saturday night for free. If the ratings turn out to be good, people you’ve never heard of such as K.J. Noons, Charles Bennett and Kimbo Slice will become household names.

This also has the potential to allow Kimbo Slice to replace Mike Tyson as the scariest black man in America. White kids in Wyoming are going to have nightmares for weeks after witnessing Mr. Slice rip someone apart.

I’m not one of the people who enjoy having “Boxing vs. MMA” debates, because I see no reason for them to have to compete for my time. However, moves like this are why MMA continues to rise in popularity while boxing is stagnant. There’s no way in hell we’d get to see Oscar De La Hoya or Floyd Mayweather fight in prime time for free, theres no way for the average person to connect when they have no outlet of watching the fights. So from an exposure standpoint, this is fantastic for mixed martial arts as a whole.

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  1. comment number 1 by: GurealaNo Gravatar

    That gif image is hilarious!
    I’ve never been into MMA too hard, but a move to primetime tv could definitely win me over…especially with Kimbo now on the scene. speaking of which, the guy’s seen a major boost in popularity just off of his series internet street fights vids alone, so I can only imagine what an “official” move like this will do for his name and his fan base.

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