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An NFL meeting we actually care about

March 31st, 2008 . by Stankoniforous One


The NFL meetings, in the offseason, are usually mind numbingly boring.  They discuss the nuts-and-bolts of the NFL to excruciating detail.  Not this year.  The following rule changes will be discussed:

  1. Banning long hair. 
  2. Playoff seeding based on record not on division champs.
  3. College option coin toss
  4. Eliminating the 5 yard “incidental facemask.”  All facemasks would draw a 15 yard penalty.
  5. Ending force outs on receptions and interceptions.  Players must get both feet in bounds regardless. 
  6. Instant replay on field goals. 

On the dollars and cents side, the labor talks which the Sportaphile has touched on

Stank-0 disagrees with #1, 4, and 5.  Number one feels too David Stern-ish for Stank-0′s liking.  A complete image makeover for the NFL.  Four is just wrong.  If the ball carrier gets low, sometimes the defender’s hands get too high.  Two varieties are needed.  Number five seems to be a reaction to the coddling that pass catchers are receiving.  This is not the way to go about correcting the rules that are skewed in the offensive players’ favor.   

All this pales in comparison to the financial problems that seem to be taking place.  Rog, you and your people need to get this taken care of.  Don’t kill the goose that lays golden eggs.  Instead of tripping about touchdown celebrations, ya’ll should have been tripping about the labor situation. 


Shaq’s New Girlfriend: Not Quite As Attractive As Shaunie O’neal

March 31st, 2008 . by admin

Shaq filed for divorce back in September citing irreconcilable differences between he and his wife Shaunie, but in the following months appeared with her in public. Their nice family outings led me (and others) to believe that maybe they had patched up their differences and continued the marriage.

Well, the worlds most unreliable gossip site, Media Take Out, has posted pictures of Shaq and his “new girlfriend”. They definitely look chummy, but dear god…. if this is his new woman he took a huge step down because she’s not anywhere near as attractive as Shaunie.

Update – 10:35am: Shaq’s date was (former?) R&B Singer Jerzee Monet, she had a song/video titled “Most High” out in 2002. I actually remember that song….

Who do you think looks better? I’ve included pictures of Shaunie on the bottom, and Shaq’s new beezy is on top.

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Shaq’s new girlfriend, not pretty as Shaunie
Shaq’s new beezie

Shaq and Shaunie Oneal

Video: Floyd Mayweather vs. The Big Show [Full Fight] Wrestlemania 24

March 30th, 2008 . by admin

The match was just okay, I was expecting a little bit more. I remember when Lawrence Taylor fought Bam Bam Bigelo at Wrestlemania many years ago that match was good stuff. But then again I hadn’t even hit puberty yet, so maybe thats why it was so entertaining. In the end, Floyd used a pair of brass knuckles to knock out Big Show. Viewers have said Floyd “looked like a gay gypsy on acid” due to the long furry shorts he wore during the match.

World Wrestling Entertainment(R) set both attendance and ticket sale records at WrestleMania XXIV tonight at the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando. WWE grossed more than $5.85 million in ticket sales, making it the highest grossing live event in WWE history and in the history of the Citrus Bowl. WWE set an attendance record for the Citrus Bowl with 74,635 fans

The attendance was a huge success, but I wonder how the Pay Per View buys will look. Will it be higher than Floyd vs. Hatton? What about Oscar vs. Floyd? We’ll see this week.

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Ric Flair Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

March 30th, 2008 . by admin

Ric Flair animated gif WOOOOOOOOOOOOAm I the only one who doesn’t like calling it the WWE? I grew up on the WWF and I even though the switch happened years ago, I still haven’t adjusted. The Nature Boy Ric Flair was inducted into wrestlings hall of fame this weekend, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving dude.

“”A capacity crowd of more than 7,000 WWE fans and current WWE performers
witnessed WWE Superstar Triple H(R) induct Ric Flair and Dwayne Johnson
induct his father Rocky Johnson and his grandfather, “High Chief” Peter
Maivia into the WWE Hall of Fame. Also enshrined were Eddie Graham, Mae
Young, Gordon Solie and Jack and Gerald Brisco. Highlights of the event
were broadcast on USA Network.”"

The real reason for me making this post is because I needed an excuse to use this animated Ric Flair .gif. I laugh just looking at it.


Video: Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock … GREAT fight

March 29th, 2008 . by admin

Tonights fight with Cung Le and Frank Shamrock was one of the most entertaining MMA displays I’ve seen this year. Both guys rep San Jose, California and were fighting in front of their home town fans, the crowd was going crazy the entire time (or gettin’ hyphy if you’re from this area).

There were 3 exciting rounds, but Shamrock failed to answer the bell to come out for the 4th. Cung Le broke Shamrock’s arm, which was most likely the result of accumulating kicks. The downright ARROGANCE of Frank Shamrock is what ultimately did him in. He refused to take Cung Le to the mat (where Frank has the advantage), and insisted on trying to knock Le out in the stand up.

Instead of knocking Cung out, he was systematically broken down until his body couldn’t take it anymore, all because he wanted to prove a point.

Heres Part 1

Part 2

[ Shout out to MMA Scraps for supplying the vid]

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