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HIDE THE SNACKS!: Raiders’ Jamarcus Russell Rumored To Be 300 Pounds

March 10th, 2008 . by admin

Jamarcus Russell Coogi SweaterMaybe it wasn’t such a good idea for the Oakland Raiders to sign a bowl of oatmeal to a $50 million dollar contract. It appears Jamarcus Russel may have eaten it all, because rumors are swirling that he now weighs over three hundred pounds.

“If Russell is indeed up to 300 pounds, he’d take over the crown of heaviest NFL quarterback from Giants backup Jared Lorenzen, who is listed at 285.”

As you can see in the photo to the left, Jamarcus is one LARGE human being, so it’s acceptable for him to have a weight that’s more than most people at his position. But when you’re a quarterback over three hundred pounds, your mobility is severely hindered. Is there ANY good news coming out of Oakland, California?

The Raiders organization is pathetic, everyone seems to have resigned to the fact that nothing will improve until Al Davis dies.

6 Responses to “HIDE THE SNACKS!: Raiders’ Jamarcus Russell Rumored To Be 300 Pounds”

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