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Mike Tyson Is Fat Now [The Camera Adds 65 Pounds]

April 25th, 2008 . by admin

I don’t know why… but I didn’t see this one coming.

Mike may be crazy, ill tempered, foul mouthed, and dabbling in drugs, but he’s never been fat. Maybe it’s because he’s been on a series of dinner tours where he also does public speaking and meet-n-greets.

I still got love for Mike though, even though we’re about to hear 10,000 corny jokes about him eating peoples ears off. The good news in all of this is he won’t be in the ring embarrassing himself with Evander Holyfield anytime soon.

(Photos found via Sports By Brooks)
Mike Tyson Weight Gain
Mike Tyson Is Fat Now

47 Responses to “Mike Tyson Is Fat Now [The Camera Adds 65 Pounds]”

  1. comment number 1 by: downtownrNo Gravatar

    He looks like Rerun if he were a lawyer.

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  3. comment number 3 by: AnonymousNo Gravatar

    Don’t be so quick judging him, maybe he’ll turn a sumo wrestler… BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

  4. comment number 4 by: eliasNo Gravatar

    None of u truelly understand what mike has gone through,quit the smack talk and cut him a break

  5. comment number 5 by: John DrayneNo Gravatar


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  7. comment number 7 by: Melvin tysonNo Gravatar

    Tyson looks like your average overweight, although healthy, grandfatherly, former boxer,ex- would be Ramrod style New York pimp. I can imagine him as a greeter at some exclusive Ney York Mafia eatery. Or a Deacon for Harlem Atlah Church, The Honorable Pastor David Manning. Think of Joe Louis in his lateer years.

  8. comment number 8 by: Thomas BoviarNo Gravatar

    mike tyson was never a really good fighter…he just happen to come along when there was no real Heavyweight Champ….Evander kicked his butt (knocked him out) and Evander was really a light heavyweight. tyson looked like a little girl fighting a man when he got in the ring with l. lewis… I really enjoyed watching him get his butt kicked that night…lol

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  10. comment number 10 by: BetotoNo Gravatar

    WOW cant believe he looks really fat now.Guess he dont train anymore. There is only 1 undisputed heavyweight Champ in the world!!! LENNOX LEWIS!!! Show some love and respect to the RASTAMAN!!!

  11. comment number 11 by: Bob ENo Gravatar

    How dumb… Thomas Boviar writes that Holyfield was really a “light heavyweight” – first off, dick-brain, do some research at least, he was a crusierweight, he was NEVER a pro Light Heavyweight… and he’s KNOWN for being a HEAVYWEIGHT, he only fought around 20 fights out of 53 fights at Crusierweight. And Mike Tyson was never really a good fighter? Look at the rankings in ’84 to ’85 and you’ll see Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks, Trevor Berbick, Pinklon Thomas, Tryrell Biggs, Tony Tubbs, Carl WIliams, Bonecrusher Smith, Renaldo Snipes, Frank Bruno, and TYSON BEAT ALL THOSE GUYS, I just mentioned 10 guys all in the top ten, and he beat all of them in the 80′s, and out of the 10 I named right there, he KO’d 9 of them, if Holyfield is so great why did Mike Tyson fight A BETTER VERSION of Larry Holmes, and Tyson became the only guy to knock him out in only 4 rounds, people say, “he was over the hill” well, years later Holyfield fought him and couldn’t KO him, he went 12 rounds with him. How does Riddick Bowe go all the rounds with Tony Tubbs, who was a great fighter year after Tyson KO’d him in two rounds>? Tyson was the best heavyweight EVER from 1986 to 1990, after that, he was a shell of himself but don’t forget he KO’d Razor Ruddock YEARS before Lennox did, and Tyson would have KILLED Lennox Lewis in the 80′s, hey, they’re the same age, where was Lennox? He was still an amateur, who admits to NOT wanting to fight Tyson, Tyson was also the youngest heavyweight champ EVER, at 20 years old, younger than Ali, or, for an ignorant person like yourself, it’s “Clay” in the books. Tyson, before 1990 would have definitely EASILY KO’d Lennox, who got KO’d by guys like Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman. Tyson lost to one Bum, Buster, Tyson was out of shape and didn’t care, the only guy that would aways have Tyson’s number was Holyfield, and Tyson’s losses are Douglas, Holyfield, and Lennox, which, if a decade eaarlier would have been different but that’s not such a bad record of losing considering that Lennox got beat by McCall and Rahman in his prime. Rahman just got beat by a former Super Middlweight in James Toney. I don’t count Tyson’s two last fights, he was OUT OF IT, he didn’t even wanna be there, he lost to two LOSERS. But, Look at Ali, he lost his last two fights and that was embarrassing, but no on mentins that. And, Tyson lost over four years of boxing from Prison when he DID NOT rape that girl, and then he bit Holyfield’s ears cuz Holyfield was head-butting him and he only did it after Evander cut him with his head, my freind never believed me till I showed the fight to him, now he sees it different, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, THE BEST HEAVYWEIGHT IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW IS “CHRIS ARREOLA” – he’d out that bum “Stiff-Ko” now… hey, I’m putting up a new boxing site on myspace, check it out the URL is boxinglogikal

  12. comment number 12 by: maxNo Gravatar

    he ‘s as fat as the penguin in Batman

  13. comment number 13 by: CPNo Gravatar

    Bob E needs a hobby deusche bag

  14. comment number 14 by: GandsFistNo Gravatar

    Tyson suffered from a bout of terminal stupidity at a critical point in his career. At a point where it looked as if, by his training and boxing, he was going to topple Marciano’s record, he made the blunder which made him the has-been he is. Which is–namely–taking on Don King as his manager.

    It’s a shame really. I saw him fight, back in the 80s. He cut through his opponents as if they were little girls. He dominated and beat them. For a few fights, after the switch, he coasted on D’Amato’s training. Then, in the ultimate karmic payback, he got stopped by a real ham and egger named Buster Douglas.

    I can’t look at Tyson without thinking he’s one of boxing’s true tragic figures. Akin to Joe Lewis working as a doorman at Caesar’s Palace. His nascent boxing greatness was eclipsed by the only thing that really could undo him, his world class stupidity. The pounds of blubber is simply icing on that pathetic cake.

  15. comment number 15 by: StormKingNo Gravatar

    No surpise here, he’s an old retired boxer now, no more training or dieting. Tyson was the greatest in his time, and might have been considered one of the best ever if not for those 4 years he spent in prison (which put a serious dent in his career). If his money wasn’t so funny he would’ve never continued fighting as long as he did, but that was his fault.

  16. comment number 16 by: Bob ENo Gravatar

    To CP… what is a “deusche bag?” I know what a “douche” bag is, but not a “deusche” bag. And I do have a hobby, boxing, and collecting matches and reading, I did a semester in college on the art of pugilism. That’s why I laugh when you guys say stuff, cause none of you know what you’re talking about. Did you see that dreadful fight, Wlad Klitshcko vs Rahman? Even when Klitschko dominates he’s boring. Lennox would have killed that dude, any champ would have beaten Wladimir. And I feel for a lot of fighter, but not Mike Tyson, he’s the “biggest” fight of all time. And he backed that up by saying, “Check the cash register” — I’ll recommend a really cool, easy read, it’s short, and really interesting, it’s called “FACING TYSON” – this guy goes and interviews, now, in the present, all of Mike Tyson’s opponents, Not “all” but a lot of them, and they all say the same thing, “He hit the hardest I’ve ever been hit”

  17. comment number 17 by: steven CNo Gravatar

    I totally agree with Bob E.Noone ever mentions Holyfields dirty fighting and headbutt/rubbing.Tyson screwed up when he got rid of Rooney and stopped fighting with his bob & weave and peek-a-boo thing.He stopped jabbing and he had absolutley noone in his corner to tell him what he was doing wrong.I think Jesse Feurgoson exposed some things about Tyson that he never really corrected.He did leave his chin out too much and when his speed slowed, that’s when then chin took clean hits.But in his prime right after Berrbick he was the best ever.

  18. comment number 18 by: steven CNo Gravatar

    I’d also like to add, I bet his weight gain is due to pills (anti depressants) He looks puffy like Elvis…some meds will do that to you bad.

  19. comment number 19 by: Bob ENo Gravatar

    WBC title – (31-4-1) Berbick TKO 2 (youngest heavyweight champ ever at 20 years old)
    WBC/WBA – (19-5) Smith W UD 12
    (29-1-1) Thomas – TKO 6
    WBC/WBA/IBF (35-0) Tucker UD 12
    (15-0) Biggs – TKO 7
    (48-2) Holmes – TKO 4
    (24-1) Tubbs – TKO 2
    Linear title – (31-0) Spinks – KO 1
    (32-2) Bruno – TKO 5
    (22-2) Williams – TKO 1
    That is IN A ROW, the whole division, look what he did to it, then he took an easy fight vs a 29-4-1 Douglas, Vegas did not even put up odds, ONE place did – 42-1 odds, biggest sports upset
    after that, though
    26-1 Stewart – TKO 1
    24-1-1 Ruddock – TKO 7
    24-2-1 Ruddock – UD 12, knocked him down 3 times
    Then it was time for Holyfield, but Iron Mike went to prison, when he got out…
    WBC title – 40-4 Bruno TKO 3
    WBA title – 33-3 Seldon KO 1
    Then, before the next title, an easy fight with Holyfield, where people feared for Holyfield’s life, and we know what happened in that fight, and the next, but look, even after that, he beat guys like Botha, took him out in five, Savarese in 38 seconds, Golota quit after 2, mike came up positive for marijuana so it didn’t count, then Lennox, he was not in shape, when he was young and quick he weighed 215, for Lennox he was like 240, and he hurt Lennox in the first, he won the first round, then he kayoed a decent Ettienne in one round. But then he fought a guy who wasn’t scared and he got KO’d, you could tell he was a three round fighter now, and in his next fight, after five, I think, he quit, he was winning, but he quit, he didn’t want it anymore.

  20. comment number 20 by: Bob ENo Gravatar

    Look out for the next good heavyweight champ, not Wladimir or Vitali Stiff-ko, check out CHRIS ARREOLA – “The Nightmare” he can punch on any angle

  21. comment number 21 by: Ron MartinNo Gravatar

    Mike Tyson is truly one of the greatest of all time,one off hardest punchers ever in the history of boxing.As far as everything else is concerned: He’s only human.

  22. comment number 22 by: FortuneKookeezzNo Gravatar

    I agree that Mike Tyson’s downfall was “Don
    King” devil’s spawn. Mike was definately no match for King in business or he would never have let him become his manager. The man’s a master at underhandedness and
    unsavory buasiness practices/tactics. He’s
    just low. And before Mike knew anything, he was screwed big time. At any rate, Mike was once an awesone fighter and I for one was glued to the tv/ppv everytime he fought (no matter how brief) along with all my family and friends. We’d make an event of it and everyone was satisfied because Mike always delivered. I’m just sorry he didn’t manage his money better. Anyway, Bob E. you are very knowledgeable about boxing stats and I enjoyed reading your posts and I will be checking out MySpace’s
    ‘boxinglogikal’ shortly to keep up…PEACE!

  23. comment number 23 by: Bob ENo Gravatar

    It’s funny how Gen X, which I consider the beginning of the nineties to around 2000 something, thinks that Mike Tyson was “Their” champ. From 1985 to 1990 Mike Tyson went 39-1 with 35 KO’s, (before he went to prison he was 42-1, although his next fight would be against Holyfield, who I feel would have always beaten Tyson, some people just have your number) So from 1991 to the end of his career in 2005, Mike Tyson went 11 – 5 with 9 KO’s! 11-5???? Yup, plus the 2 no-contests he should have had as victories, after Golota quit against him he came up positive for marijuana, and when he hit Orlin Norris after the bell in the first round, albeit a cheap shot he could have got DQ’d on, Orlin claimed to suffer an “ankle injury” – Mike said, “He knew what was coming” – I guess the all time two biggest heavyweight champs of all time will be Ali and Tyson, so who would win? Hmmm… Tyson admitted to relating to Sonny Liston the most, who was a thug, scary, and KO’d people, but a young Cassius Clay out-boxed him and made him look bad and Liston quit, their second fight Clay was now Ali, and it was the most obviously “thrown” fight ever, to me, there’s no proof, but I’m positive that Liston took a dive in the first round – you may have heard of “The phantom punch” – that was it. But, Tyson was a LOT quicker and more athletic than Liston, and Tyson didn’t have odd ties with the mafia and out of the ring trouble until “AB” – “After Buster” — Tyson was quick as hell, I could see Ali out-boxing him and frustrating him, and I could see the Iron Mike of ’86 to get rid of him in ONE round. Check this out…. Ali was suspended from boxing cuz he didn’t go to Vietnam, he was off for three years but still was considered the champ, undefeated, the linear champ, still, but Joe Frazier was the undefeated guy with all the titles, so it was title for title, champ versus champ and it was a great fight. Now, Michael Spinks beat Larry Holmes when Holmes was 48-0 and then beat him again (Tyson KO’d the 48-2 Holmes in 4… years later, Holmes went the distance with Evander, only ONCE Ko’d — by Tyson) But Spinks didn’t fight the mandatories, took time off and was stripped of the titles, but was still the “linear” undefeated champ, but Mike Tyson had all the belts and was the champ, title for title, Champ versus Champ AGAIN… this time, it ended in 91 seconds and Tyson looked at his corner and shrugged. It has been said that the Mike Tyson from ’86 to ’90 was the best heavyweight ever, he was always bad, though, he almost didnt’ win the title at 20, it almost got canceled cuz Tyson had a bad STD, I think Gonorrhea, but they went ahead with the fight cuz that’s what Cus wanted, but, The Heavyweight Division will be getting interesting with David Haye, Kevin Johnson, and my fav, if he can keep his weight well, Chris Arreolla can beat this Wladimir Stiff-ko that wouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds with Iron Mike. I like Arreola cuz in two fights, against decent guys in Wills and Tann, he had the fight won, but in the last round, went for the KO and got it, he wanted a KO, he also then fought fellow undefeated prospect and probably a heavyweight that will be around in Chazz Witherspoon, he beat him in three, he got dropped his last fight but he was overweight and didin’t take it seriosuly, he KO’d him when he got up, also there’s Eddie Chambers and Alex Povetkin, so I think it’ll be… Arreola, K.Johnson, Povetkin, Haye, Chambers, Witherspoon, M. Scott instead of W. Klitschko, V. Klitschko, Chagaev, Maskaev, Peter, and all those bums, I mean, the division is so bad we still got Rahman, Toney, Ruiz, Maskaev (he’s in the top ten!) — so it will get better…. and Pacquioa don’t need Hatton or Mayweather, now he’s got Mosley
    And BoxingLogical is done for now, not enough interest

  24. comment number 24 by: kimyNo Gravatar

    yes mike tyson is over mr, chows who was his girlfriend.that was on his arm?

  25. comment number 25 by: BUBMAN!No Gravatar

    Wow, first of all “Bob-E” is 100% accurate, Mike Tyson was at one point of his career (1980s) upstoppable, in lack of better terms .. “his style WAS inpectuous, his defence WAS impregnable .. he wanted holyfeilds heart, hes gonna eat his children”
    BUT by the looks of him these days the only things he has been eating is McDonalds .. but im sure he will get into shape and fight the fight, hell for 30 mill i would fight both of them at the same time .. but in all seriousness if Tyson wants this he’s going to have to train his ass off and pull the 1980s out of his ass because his days are long over, he should stop boxing now before he completly ruins his legacy.

    And btw, Mercer vs TIM SYLVIA in a boxing match .. and for those who dont know who Sylvia is; he’s a washed up 6’8 265 pound bum, that at one point was UFC’s heavyweight champion.

  26. comment number 26 by: bob ENo Gravatar

    Mike Tyson ain’t EVER gonna fight again, he didn’t even wanna fight after Lennox Lewis, he realized he was done, look at all the commotion about him fighting Clifford Ettiene, he disappeared from training, shows up with a tattoo on his face, but Ettiene has a glass jaw, nice record but he lost to Fres Oquendo who dropped him like seven times when they were both undefeated, hell, he fought to a draw with Botha, Botha knocked him down, too, so Tyson knew, I can go a couple rounds, I’ll catch him, but then he fought Danny Williams and he had just enough heart to beat a guy who did not want to be there, then it was “oh, he hurt his leg” they find the biggest bum on earth, Kevin McBride, and he was winning on the cards but quits the fight, he just don’t have it — it’s over, he fought professionally 58 times, and that’s impressive since he was in prison over three years and suspended for a year, his Kayo percentage is impressive, too, 50 wins, 44 Ko’s, 6 losses, five of them KO, one DQ, 0 Draws, with 2 No Conests he should have as wins, against Orlin Norris and Andrew Golota. But who cares, 50-6 ain’t so bad, considering he lost his last two, he was 50-4, but hey, Ali lost his last two, and Evander is now 42-10-2 HA his record is that of a journeyman, that guy has to be stopped.

  27. comment number 27 by: Dame VerdorNo Gravatar

    Mike Tyson still remains the champ to his fans. He handles himself very good as a true sports man in his appearance to the public.

  28. comment number 28 by: JackNo Gravatar

    lol wut

  29. comment number 29 by: tkNo Gravatar

    too bad he could not go out in style

  30. comment number 30 by: Bob ENo Gravatar

    Why would you say Tyson did not go out in style? He basically quit in his last two fights, which did in fact screw up his record, cause before that he was undefeated, still, in non title fights, but he was old and done, and overweight, he was like 240-something, when he won the title he was 215, if that, now’adays he wouldn’t even be a heavyweight, he was five eleven, two fifteen, that’s SMALL, and Ali went out the same way, he got stopped by Larry Holmes and then lost a decision to Trevor Berbick, who Tyson took out in two. Look at most great champions, and they all go out the same, from Joe Louis to George Foreman to Holmes to Spinks, what the real joke is is that they let Holyfield still box, he RUINED his record, he’s 42-10-2 now, does that sound like a champion record? Yet he says he’ll be the undisputed champ, ha. He had ONE thing, he had Tyson’s number, any time, any place, Holyfield would beat Tyson, but Holyfield lost to Bowe, Moorer, a decision over Foreman, a deicision over Holmes and Steward, Tyson took out Holmes in four OVER FIVE YEARS EARLIER, and he took out Steward in thirty seconds. But Styles make fights, let’s talk about the upcoming heavies, Heavyweight will be good soon, all these former Soviet bums will be gone,like Ibragimov, Chagaev, Valuev, and the two “Stiff-ko’s” — we got David Haye coming in, and I think the next real heavyweight champ is Chris Arreola, I’ve been watching him for a few years now, he’s got a weight problem, oh well, Also “Fast” Eddie Chambers from Philly just beat Sam Peter, a guy that floored Wladimir Stiff-ko three times, Fast Eddie also beat Brock, and only loss was a close one to supposed phenon Alexander Povetkin. And Kevin Johnson, a heavy without a punch, is the quickest, and slickest heavywieght I’ve seen in a while, so look for the future… Arreola, Haye, Povetkin, Chambers, Johnson, there’s five for ya, and I don’t see why they can’t get to the Klitschko’s, what’s Wladimir gonna do vs Arreola, Wlad has been dropped by Corrie Sanders, lol, Lamon Brewster, lol, DaVarryl Williamson, ROFL, and he got stopped by Ross Purrity who has like twenty five losses. What’s he gonna do when Arreola, who weighs more than him and is naturally bigger, not taller, but a big mass KO puncher that can punch from ANY angle. Did you see the horrible fight on ESPN, Vitali Klitschko vs Juan Carlos Gomez? In history, the Stiff-ko’s will be a joke.

  31. comment number 31 by: TDubNo Gravatar

    The dirty little secret with Holyfield beating Tyson twice is because Holyfield was juicing on HGH. No doubt about it. He got better with age and that is not possible with a boxer. He bought his drugs under the name “Evan Fields.”

  32. comment number 32 by: NigeypooperNo Gravatar

    he looks like a buff will smith…then a gangster doctor phil

  33. comment number 33 by: PhillipNo Gravatar

    Lewis was never a great fighter, and couldn’t have even shined Mike Tyson’s shoes when Tyson was in his prime the first 5 years of his career. Tyson the Champ died when he went to prison, and was never the same fighter after that. Too many people don’t give him credit, like Teddy Atlas who is a nobody and bitter that Tyson fired him. Tyson was one of the greats in his prime, and Lewis don’t get respect because everyone know’s that. Except maybe on that little island called England. No great fighter has ever been bred there except for the English Bull Terrier.

  34. comment number 34 by: HatmanNo Gravatar

    theres no such thing as the perfect fighter, they all have a weakness be it mental or physical- regardless of what trainer they have or what happens in thier personal life, they nearly all lose eventually. Tyson was good, but he had 2 lose eventually. I agree tyson was a shell of himself when he faught lewis, so we shouldnt look too much into that… but the holyfield and douglas losses where legitimate defeats. I dont agree with the notion tyson was out of shape when he beat douglas, if you watch the post fight interviews (i can post the links if u wish) tyson even admits himself he could have trained harder but he was in good shape. If he was in such shape he wouldnt have lasted 10 rounds. And holfield beat him fair and sqaure, tyson wasnt past it any more than holyfield was, afterall holyfield was older than tyson and had been in alot of punnishing wars. As for tysons weight now, so what- tyson has seen more money fame and woman than most people will even see in thier lifetimes, and achieved what most people can only dream of. it seems SOME people want 2 laugh at his demise simply 2 distract them from thier own pathetic existence. To me he’s not a tragic character, homeless people, crackheadz, and alcoholics are tragic characters.

  35. comment number 35 by: JohnNo Gravatar

    Those who knock are seldom welcome.!! Mike Tyson done to boxing what many have tried to achieve before him. he reached the pinnicle of his sport, and beat whoever laid a challenge down to him. I have followed his career, and still hold him in great admireation to this day, he fought the best that was out there during his time and beat them, By his own admittance when he fought Buster Douglas look at what he as a person had gone through. Would you or I have put yourself in the limelight of the worlds media circus, to view the next episode? At least he knew when the time was right to say he had given his all to boxing and taken all he could from the sport he once loved, Mike if you ever read or see this, Is My eyes your have cemented your place amongst the boxing ledgends of modern timesand I for one will always look upto and respect you.

  36. comment number 36 by: BobNo Gravatar

    I’m guessing from even the new remarks that none of you have the movie “TYSON” yet, it just came out on DVD, a film by big time director James Tobak (Black and White, Two girls and a guy, Fingers) It looks like a documentary, but it’s just basically Mike Tyson telling you “his side of everything” — it’s a documentary in a way, but no one else speaks but Tyson, Tobak said he wanted Mike Tyson, like any painter that does his self portrait, to have his, and it came at a good time, they talked about it for a while, they’ve known each other a while, Tobak had him in the movie “Black and White” and it did great and won awards on the independent circuit, yes, it’s an indy film, called “TYSON” – don’t get mixed up with the old HORRIBLE HBO made movie called “Tyson” — this new one is great, you learn so much about how much Tyson lost when he lost Cus D’amoto, and how he didn’t want to fight since 1990. Mike is acting now, too, everyone says he does great in a role of the new movie, “The Hangover” — it’s great to see him doing well, horrible to hear about his little girl Exodus dying in that tragic accident. Before Tyson fought Douglas he was 37-0 with 33 Ko’s,(with not just wins, but KOs against Spinks, Holmes, Thomas, Tubbs, Bruno, Williams, and went the distance with guys like Tucker and Smith, showing he could last. After Douglas, he beat the very dangerous Razor Ruddock twice, stopping him the first time, then knocking him down a few times in the rematch, the last fight Tyson would see before he got sent to prison for no reason at all) and he was quick, as quick as Ali, you’ll see footage of how quick in the movie, “Tyson” — but he did NOT train for the Buster Douglas fight, he got knocked down sparring with Greg Page, RIP, but I believe every boxer that’s great, that someone has their number, as for Tyson I believe Holyfield would always beat him. Tyson bit his ear for a number of reasons in my opinion, first and foremost, it’s a forgone conclusion that Holyfield is one of the dirtiest fighters ever, and uses his head and butts everyone, Tyson didn’t bite him till he was bleeding, in their second fight, in the first one, he was blacking out and you see his knees buckle from a head butt, and in the first match, Tyson even explains, how he was hurt from headbutts and he kept getting hit by Holyfield non stop, he said, “I wasn’t hurt, i was off balance and he was hitting me quick” which prompted the ref to stop it but you see in that sense that Holyfeild never had much power, the second fight, Holyfield butted again, and Mike knew, I think, that he was not gonna win, and with those two things in his head, he did what he did, the bully getting bullied, watch as Holyfield pushes him back, no one does that to Tyson. Lennox Lewis was a very good boxer, but when Mike was world champion Lennox was an amateur still, and Lennox is OLDER THAN TYSON, Lennox went to the Olympics twice, before going pro, and Mike says “I was in no condition to fight… I needed the pay check.” — I would also recommend to you all, highly recommend, even if you’re not a big reader, real short stories, and interesting, a book called, “FACING TYSON” — this journalist goes and interviews as many boxers that fought Tyson that he can, and he writes down what they have to say. They all say that they never got hit that hard before.
    I’ve been offered the idea to work on a site about Boxing, MMA, and Pro Wrestling, hit me up if you’d be interested in such a thing, it would be a site where fans could write their own articles, for the fans, by the fans. Not everyone all the time, but it’s a nice idea. You can find me at

  37. comment number 37 by: AvelfveliNo Gravatar

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  38. comment number 38 by: BobNo Gravatar

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  39. comment number 39 by: Metro TNo Gravatar

    Boy, that face tatoo sure looks out of place now that he’s a washed up fat has-been. Take note, kids, no face tatoos, ok?

  40. comment number 40 by: BobNo Gravatar

    Washed up fat has-been? He’s 43 years old, at 20, was the youngest heavyweight champion ever, retired with a 50 – 6 record, won five titles, was World champ two times, fighter of the year two times, was ranked number one pound for pound as the best boxer in the world, two movies were made about him, countless documentaries, books, video games… shall i go on? I think he’s allowed to be fat now after being one of the best boxers to ever fight.

  41. comment number 41 by: berthastrikNo Gravatar

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  42. comment number 42 by: KrejatonNo Gravatar

    Pathetic rapist is pathetic. What a loser.

  43. comment number 43 by: k.o.No Gravatar

    damn good boxer

  44. comment number 44 by: BobNo Gravatar

    I will make a comment to Krejaton, I will state my comment, and then state my credentials on the subject NOT to brag, it’s nothing to brag about, it’s just that I want you to know that I study things, and I am NEVER bias.
    MOST PEOPLE, at least ANYONE that knows about the case, KNOWS that Tyson did NOT rape that girl. There was NO evidence. Facts: She went to his hotel room, they started making out, she went to the bathroom, where there was a TELEPHONE that you can dial to the HOTEL front, and ESPECIALLY 911… She did not pick up the phone, although she DID take off her Pantie Shield. She came out of the bathroom and then only those two KNOW what happened, but some more FACTS: He had sex with her, and then kicked her out. Her phone call was very long after that, and DID YOU HEAR HER 911 phone call? You have to hear how she says it, and at one point, and this is VERBATIM: “He’s uh… pretty famous.” — There was NO rape kit done on her. There was no bruising in any area of her ENTIRE body. There was no semen. Mike Tyson and Don King, and this gets odd, well, they could have EASILY paid her off, but Tyson did NOT. The trial, Don King had him use “his” lawyer – a tax lawyer that never before of after participated in a capital case. He was incompetent, that the jury selection, that he gets to participate in, remember, a jury of your “peers” – were ALL OLD WHITE men and women. ALL WHITE and OLD. And he PUT Mike Tyson on the stand. Who would do that??? That’s what it came to. Becasuse, the prosecution had NO case… the FACT… her WORD, against HIS WORD. Tyson on the stand being cross examined vs a small, crying girl claiming that he raped her. ACTUALLY her details were quite different and she contradicted herself MANY times. FACT IS… he was convicted of rape. After, several of the jurors came forward and said that they felt they made a big mistake. MOST RAPISTS, by percentage, an OVERWHELMING PERCENTAGE, are REPEAT OFFENDERS. Rape is not about sex, or an orgasm, it is about power and abuse and the worst thing someone could do to someone else. Mike Tyson never before, and never after, raped anyone, never paid off people like Michael Jackson, I use that as one of MANY examples, right before this case a KENNEDY got off for RAPE. The evidence was quite compelling yet he walked. And I’m a democrat, to let you know. Tony Ayala was a great boxer, he was convicted of rape, did 20 years, got out, started boxing again, and DID IT AGAIN. A man could have beaten Lennox Lewis and been the best heavyweight at that time was up and comer Ibeabuchi. He was the first person to beat Chris Byrd, not only beat him, but viciously knock him out. He then, in one the best heavyweight matches in the past 20 years, went toe to toe with Undefeated David Tua. He beat him, too. He was 20-0 and raped a stripper. He was convicted, he was up for parole a while ago and boxing fans were excited but, he is STILL behind bars. Tyson did THREE YEARS. Odd that the judge only sentenced him that much, maybe it’s because he had a good feeling that Mike Tyson did NOT do it. In an interview shortly after losing to Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson said on the air, in an interview, “Now i wish I did rape her and her mamma.” — I’d be pissed too if, FACT, a girl was hanging all over him (on video, witnesses) went to his hotel, had sex, and he kicked her out, she got upset, and accused him of rape. She did an interview when Mike Tyson was convicted, and was in prison, since then, she has NOT said a word. I said earlier, ONLY THOSE TWO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, but there’s some facts for you.
    You wrote, “Pathetic rapist is pathetic. What a loser.”
    I don’t understand why you used “Pathetic” twice instead of some other demeaning word instead, but, this is not Comp. 1, or for some, Pre-Comp. I don’t think he’s pathetic at all and it’s a FACT that he’s not a loser, but a WINNER at his profession. After compiling a record of 50 wins, 44 KO’s, and 4 losses (one by DQ) and 2 no-contests he should have got credit for, he didn’t know what else to do, he was broke, and he was getting around 10 million to fight bums, and he went on, after most taking out Danny Williams in the first, breaking his ankle in the process, which was a factor of him getting KO’d in the fourth round, yet, he could have gotten up, he didn’t. He fought again, and this time, he was winning on the scorecards, but, just quit (he retired with a VERY respectable record of 50 wins, 44 knockouts, although with 50 wins only FIVE went 12 rounds. He had 6 losses, 3 times knocked out, 2 TKO’s and 1 DQ, and he had 2 NO CONTESTS, first a KO Victory, he tested Positive for Marijuana, and then the other he knocked Norris down in the first round, yet Norris claimed he injured his ankle — in NON title fights he was undfeated until his last two fights, but look at Ali’s last two losses, look at Holme’s three losses in a row, look at Joe Louis’ last fights, ect, ect) and said, “I don’t have this in me any more. I will not disrespect boxing by losing to this caliber of competition” unlike a LOT of boxers, Evander Holyfield in mind, who had a fight coming up against a guy Tyson KO’d in round five in ’99. Evander Holyfield’s current record is 42-10-2. Tyson was a 2 time champ, Holyfieid was a 2 time champ, YES, that’s true, not THREE, that’s BOGUS, After Lennox beat Holyfield Lennox sold the WBA title to Don King for a Range Rover and Don King had a fight between Holyfield and Ruiz, Holyfield won, but, if you call that a champ??? that’s on you. If you count that, actually, Tyson is a 6 time world champ. Tyson was the LAST heavyweight boxer to appear NUMBER 1 Pound for Pound best boxer in the WORLD. The closest since was when Lennox Lewis was number 10 on the P4P list. Tyson won his first title at 20, but also, you have to realize, it was the SECOND YEAR HE WAS PRO… that’s a first and only.
    You may open up RING MAGAZINE and in the heavyweight DIVSION it says Wladimir Klitschko is the Champion. NOT TRUE. The last heavyweight champion was LENNOX LEWIS. EVERYONE SINCE IS A TITLE HOLDER, Lennox retired champ, so for there to be a champ, someone has to collect all the titles, Like Tyson did, Spinks took time off and was stripped of his titles, so this is the results of Tyson’s title winning fights.
    Berbick WBC TITLE (KO 2)
    Smith WBA TITLE (UD 12)
    Tucker IBF TITLE ( UD 12)
    Spinks LINEAR TITLE (KO1)
    Bruno WBC TITLE (KO3)
    Seldon WBA TITLE (KO1)
    Floyd Patterson
    Sonny Liston
    Cassius Clay (then turned his name to Ali)
    Joe Frazier
    George Foreman
    Muhammad Ali
    Leon Spinks
    Muhammad Ali
    Larry Holmes
    Michael Spinks
    Mike Tyson
    Buster Douglas
    Evander Holyfeild
    Riddick Bowe
    Evander Holyfeild
    Michael Moorer
    George Foreman
    Shannon Briggs
    Lennox Lewis


    I am an avid fan of boxing, and know a LOT of history about boxing, I’ve never met, I know there’s a LOT of people that know more than me, but I’ve never MET anyone that did. I read, watch, collect old fights, I’ve seen everything I’ve wanted to see and more… I di an entire study on the “art of pugilism” at Vermont College in Mt. Pelier when I was going there for my bachelors. I am a writer, fiction, short fiction, Novels, screenplays, poetry, lyricism. I’m working on my first non fiction novel. I boxed at eighteen, I never had even an amateur fight, but I still work out at a boxing gym, I know how to box and on the side I write for and I’ve written for until they wanted me to take out FACTS about the Pacquaio – Mayweather fight. It was very interesting the parts they wanted me to take out. If you want to see them, contact me.

  45. comment number 45 by: InnottmugNo Gravatar

    A strange hopelessness threatened underneath the pleasant thrum of release, but he fought it off. See to your people, take a bath, hold Irin —a wistful pause there— then we should talk. Why worry him? Eyrhaen sipped her wine and decided that, tonight, she would be in a good mood. His hands were comforting weights on her shoulders, helping her to ground. Dont worry about it now. Suddenly shy, Eyrhaen stared at the crimson and midnight pattern in the rug. Gala sat back, hands on Eyrhaens shoulders. Maybe they didnt feel anything for her anymore. Tykir sat on the arm of it beside him. Yes, Brevin agreed, thumbing aside a tear that slid down her cheek. Yelping, she twisted aside to look at Nialdlye, who held her hands up, palms out. It put his nose right above hers, his bright eyes boring down into her skull. Three sets of eyes focused on her as Tykirs cock hovered at her pussy. Relief put a smile on Brevins face. Delight sparked in his eyes when she drew up to her knees. Without my presence, would Eyrhaen have been such a danger? They shared a chuckle. She could feel it in her soul. She giggled, transferring her lips to his neck and jaw.

  46. comment number 46 by: bobNo Gravatar

    Cool that your writing. Now, you know what people say opions are like, and how everyone’s got one, the following are my opinions.
    I dont’ know if this is a whole of if it’s a part of something, or if it’s out of plain boredom and off the top of your head, of maybe it’s a piece of classic literature, however, I would doubt it because of the terms “cock” and pussy” although I could definitley be wrong. To take it as it appears, I think this could be effective as a poem, definitley chopped down, in MY opinion, II’m not a fan of prose that is very descptive and contains poetic-esque tendencies in the sense of using metaphors wiith big words. I don’t like using big words, and I hate long description, I blame all of this on John Steinbeck. Also, I don’t usually write in the third person, i do sometimes, the first novel I wrote was in the third person, but I was young, and it was the first novel I wrote. Reason being is basically because of a piece like this, whoever wrote this, carefully selected their words, and got to the part where they thought “penis” would be politically correct but then thought, “That’s dumb.” – The choice the word “cock” is up to the writer, but reading someting like this, with the big words and the careful selection of placement and timing – to then use the terms “cock” and “pussy” — to ME, just feels, well, a mix of things — uncomfortable, not because of the fact of the words, but the words in this piece — or makes me feel that the author didin’t know what to do, or was stupid. See, thoughts hit you, but I think think them, and I realize, whoever wrote this is NOT supid at all. So when I write the third person, and the only other author I read that pulls it off great, is the late Raymond Carver, becase thrid person there’s a tendency to TELL instead of SHOW… for instance…
    “The man was six foot tall”
    I wouldn’t write that, I would probalby put the character in a situation – most likely a conversation, and it could be as easy as:
    “Well, you’re tall, so that makes you look thin.”
    “I’m not tall dude, I’m only six foot.”
    “That’s taller than me.”
    The reader would then realize that this character is six feet tall. That’s why if i was wriing prose I would turn this situation raw.
    Joe pulls out his dick and is a little limp, and jerks himself off a little, looking at her cunt, he realizes that she needs to shave, the outline of her pubic hair is still noticeable, because the light hair growing back seems to turn him on, hard enough, he thinks, and will be harder when he puts it it inside her cunt.”
    As far as technical stuff goes, after a comma is one space, after a period, two. I’m not even implying that you don’t know that, becaue i know how things get messed up message boards, and I can see in another area that somthing else happened that was beyond your control, and as for me, when II’m typing message or a letter, I do not spell check, sometimes I leave out words. I’m not a very good poet, but the power of the poem turns me on, and that’s why I love short fiction. I was talking to poet once, my former mentor is a very well known published poet, and he told me I’m not a good poet, and I konw that, sometimes I write poetry, usually I get down a line or two that are good. God off track there, but this poet – I was just showing himn something I wrote… part of the line was “I sarted crying” — he said, “What happens when you cry? What do you feel frist, when you’re about to cry?” I said, “My eyes burn, they water up, I try not to let that tear drop.” He said, “There ya go.” — That applies to EVERYTHING. — again, I don’t know everything, and most poeple disagree with me. The last thing I think of when writing is an “audience” — I don’t give one shit if someone likes it. I cannot grasp someone that could sit there and think, “I wonder what the audience would want there, and I’ll build this up, and build, and…” — that kind of logic, writing to entice, a page turner, like Stephen King, is in a sense, pornography. Turning you on, making you turn the page – a soap opera. If you KNOW it’s bad, it’s bad. If you KNOW it’s great, IT HAS TO BE. If you’re not sure, you gotta keep working on it, and ask people, different kinds of people, for HARSH CRITICISM. And think about what they say, YOU DO NOT have to agree, but think about it. I am unfortuanltey labeled as a “shock writer” — I hate it, I think it’s “realistic” — but there’s a line… see, some writers, they stay in the shallow end. Somw writers swim out to close the deep water, but don’t go to it. Some writers go the deep water, but then swim as fast as they can back to shore. Me? I go the deep end, and I hang out there for a while. I do make my way back, though. See, some writers drown in the deep end, and that’s dying. TRASH. Shocking just to shock is garbage. Funny thing is, the way I lived MOST of my life, I never went in the deep water, every time i got close, I swam as fast as I could.
    Keep the writing up.

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