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Wow… A Sports Team With A Heart?

April 27th, 2008 . by admin

Pro Football Talk picked up on a Sun Sentinel article that quoted Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga saying Jason Taylor “deserved” to be traded. That’s a classy move coming from a franchise that has absolutely no chance of winning. Jason Taylor has given the Dolphins 9 or 10 years of hall of fame qualty play, so it would be great if they gave him a chance to compete for the title as a thank you.

“He deserves that. If we can get him placed in a spot where he can go to the big game, then we would do that,” the Sun-Sentinel reports that Huizenga said on ESPN Radio 760 AM. “We’ve had a lot of conversation but we never really got down to saying trading him. That never happened. What’s the best thing for Jason? He’s got a big career ahead of him yet…He should go where he can go to the big game.”

The Sun Sentinel has since removed this article from their website, so I hope it’s still true. I’d like to see Taylor go anywhere except the Patriots.

Mike Tyson Is Fat Now [The Camera Adds 65 Pounds]

April 25th, 2008 . by admin

I don’t know why… but I didn’t see this one coming.

Mike may be crazy, ill tempered, foul mouthed, and dabbling in drugs, but he’s never been fat. Maybe it’s because he’s been on a series of dinner tours where he also does public speaking and meet-n-greets.

I still got love for Mike though, even though we’re about to hear 10,000 corny jokes about him eating peoples ears off. The good news in all of this is he won’t be in the ring embarrassing himself with Evander Holyfield anytime soon.

(Photos found via Sports By Brooks)
Mike Tyson Weight Gain
Mike Tyson Is Fat Now

Cris Collinsworth In Madden 2009? But WHY???

April 25th, 2008 . by admin

It was revealed that Brett Favre will be the cover boy for Madden 2009 today. I don’t have a problem with that.

However, I DO have a problem with Cris Collinsworth and some guy named Tom Hammond being the new in-game announcers. I’ve never liked Collinsworth, and I hate the fact that I have to watch him on two separate channels when I want to see football every Sunday. In fact, not seeing Cris Collinsworth was the only perk of “Inside The NFL” getting canned by HBO.

Now I have to deal with him infiltrating the last link to my childhood. NO!..I won’t have it.

I don’t care how old and senile John Madden is getting. I want him in the game! I don’t care if the Xbox version of Madden features John rambling about “Turducken” when I’m running for a touch down. I don’t care if they have to include a 3d render of John dozing off in the announce booth. Put him in the game!

I would even settle for Frank Caliendo doing an impression of John Madden calling the game.

50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather Came To Blows In The Closet (see what I did there?)

April 24th, 2008 . by admin

Fif and FloydEarlier this month, I posted audio of 50 Cent briefly acknowledging his fight with Floyd Mayweather. But yesterday during an interview with Angie Martinez on Hot97, 50 gave a detailed explanation as to how and why the fight started. It turns out that they came to blows while inside of Floyd’s bedroom… alone.

You can listen to the entire thing below. If listening isn’t your thing, here’s a short rundown.

1. Floyd starts announcing that 50 Cent would accompany him to the ring to fight The Big Show at Wrestlemania before actually asking 50 if he would oblige.

2. 50 visits Floyd Mayweather’s house and asks Floyd to pay him for the appearance after seeing a bag with one million dollars on the nightstand.

3. Floyd didn’t like the tone in which 50 demanded to be paid and began to mouth off, 50 Cent then punched Floyd Mayweather. “Floyd has a small body, but he thinks he’s King Kong, in his head, he doesn’t think anyone can beat him”.

4. Floyd then punches 50 Cent back behind his ear, and the two begin to scuffle. Floyd’s close friend and manager then rush into the room to break them up. “He hit me on the side of my head, and my ear was hurting for a day afterwards”

5. 50 says he and Floyd are still friends, and the mini scuffle didn’t change their relationship at all.

The Big D circus just got one clown bigger

April 23rd, 2008 . by Stankoniforous One

PacmanThe Dallas Cowboys have dealt a fourth round pick for Pacman Jones. ISO (In Stank-0′s opinion), the Titans shot themselves in the foot by distancing themselves from Pacman after “making it rain.” That lowered Pacman’s value on the open market, then they got pissy because the Cowboys wouldn’t sweeten the pot. All that’s in the past now.

Jerry Jones is either a fool or a genius. The Cowboys now have two Pro Bowl caliber corners, one for pennies on the dollar and another through the draft (Terence Newman). The NFC East is gettin tighter and tighter. Not much room for errors with the defending Super Bowl champs in your division.

The following game was added in by Chuck

Sorry to jack your post Stank-O…. but I just came across this Pacman Jones game…. I had to add this.

Click here to make your own Fyrebug game


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