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Complete And Utter Lie Of The Day: Mike Tyson & Kimbo Slice Agree To Fight

May 15th, 2008 . by admin

Tyson vs. KimboThe beacon of truth known as Media Take Out is reporting Mike Tyson and EliteXC have come to an agreement for him to fight Kimbo Slice.

May 15, 2008. The fight world is about to change. just EXCLUSIVELY learned that former heavyweight boxing champ has tentatively agreed to fight internet streetfighter Kimbo Slice under ProElite’s live fight division, EliteXC.

According to an insider at the company, Mike and Kimbo are set to fight “late this year or early next.” But first things first, Kimbo has to win his fight next Saturday night against James “Colossus” Thompson. A fight that or insider claims is “going to be tough.”

This fight will not take place for three reasons:

1. Mike Tyson hasn’t faught in years, and he’s fat now. You can’t roll off the couch and decide to knuckle up with someone who’s been training and fighting like a madman for the last 2 years.

2. Mike Tyson isn’t interested in the limelight anymore. During this E:60 Interview a few weeks ago, he seemed happy to be away from boxing and just wanted a normal life. He expressed frustration at being recognized and idolized (or vilified ) at every turn. Although he probably needs the money, I doubt he signed this deal.

3. This fight isn’t beneficial for Kimbo Slice to take. Sure, it would make him shitloads of money as well as raising public awareness, but if he wants the world of MMA to take him seriously he should focus on fighting established guys. I don’t throw around the word “circus” often, but thats exactly what this game would be.

With all that said… IF this is true, I would sadly still tune in. I can’t help it. TYSON VS. KIMBO BABY.

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