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Video: “Pretty Boy Bam Bam” On The Best Damned Sports Show

June 30th, 2008 . by admin

In case you haven’t peeped him on YouTube in the past, Bam Bam is a six year old boxing prodigy that fight fans already have their eyes on. He appeared on The Best Damn Sports Show Period to show off his training skills for the world. He’s going to start facing live competition next year, so I’m sure we’ll have tons of footage.

I love the part of this segment when the hosts ask Bam Bam dumb questions and he just stares at them like “…………..”. The kid already means business.

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Wait A Minute… Al Davis Regrets This Offseason???

June 30th, 2008 . by admin

The Oakland Raiders have undoubtedly had the craziest off-season of any team in the NFL. They’ve been in the headlines for the past three months for handing out what seems like ill-advised contracts to questionable players.

Javon “Mr. Pop Bottles” Walker is the third highest paid receiver in the NFL (and he doesn’t deserve it).
Tommy Kelly is one of the highest paid D-Linemen in the league and nobody has ever heard of him.
etc etc.. I wont rehash the entire thing, but basically the Raiders handed out so much money, I made a parody post of them signing a bowl of oatmeal.

Anywho, word around town is that team owner Al Davis is regretting some of the moves he’s made. Al and the Raiders released a statement strongly denying that he’s second guessing anything.

Raiders public relations director Mike Taylor reacted sharply to inquiries from Cole on this point, and refused to ask Davis for a reaction.

“You obviously don’t know Al Davis,” Taylor told Cole. “Self-doubt is not part of the equation with Al Davis. I’m not going to justify this tripe, this drivel by even asking [Davis] for his response. It’s ludicrous, it’s insane, it’s rumor-mongering and it’s irresponsible journalism.

However, I remember a few years ago when there were rumors of the Raiders firing Art Shell, they released a similar statement about “rumor mongers” spreading lies…… and it turned out to be true afterall.

Jay-Z Looking To Buy Into The New York Yankees

June 26th, 2008 . by admin

It wasn’t that long ago that black men weren’t even allowed to play alongside whites, let alone own a piece of the most prestigious franchise in the MLB. Jay-Z is looking to become a minority owner in the New York Yankees, according to Time Out Magazine.

He’s already part owner of the New Jersey Nets, and almost bought into London-based soccer team Arsenal Football Club in 2005 before the deal fell through.

“I had invested in the Nets, and they (Arsenal bosses) asked me if I was interested in investing. But I get that from time to time,” Jay told London’s Time Out magazine. “Someone told me yesterday that someone else had a piece of the New York Yankees, ‘We wanna talk to you, yadda yadda yadda.’ I mean, I love the Yankees so I’m in the middle of following that through, but sometimes it comes to be nothing. That (Arsenal) was one of the times it came to nothing.”

All this will be worth if it I can just see George Steinbrenner through up the ROC diamond at a Yankees game…. .seriously.

Ron Artest Wants Money, Not Championships

June 26th, 2008 . by admin

We need more athletes like Ron Artest.

And when I say that, I don’t mean mentally unstable with a molester mustache and a failing record label. I mean “honest”.

Recently during a radio interview, Ron Artest was asked if he’d be willing to take a pay cut, and receive less money in exchange for being on a great team who can win a title. The normal athlete would say “absolutely”…. but Ron Artest isn’t the typical athlete:

Ireland: “Would you be willing to take less money to go to a contender?”

Artest: “Oh, never. Not in a million years. Actually, not in 10 million years.”

Ireland: “Really?”

Artest: “Make that more like 3 million years.”

I love how he suddenly decides he stepped over the line by saying 10 million years, and reduces it to 3 million. Ya know… because that would be too much…

Javon Walker Skipped Darrent Williams’ Fundraiser To Party In Vegas

June 26th, 2008 . by admin

I was a little harsh on Javon Walker last week for spraying champagne in the club and getting beaten up on his way home. The thought of him doing the exact same thing the night Darrent Williams was killed simply didn’t sit well with me. This new tidbit of information about that fateful weekend certainly won’t help.

The VERY day Javon was in the club partying happened to be the VERY day the Darrent Williams Foundation had it’s very first fundraiser in another city. Darrent’s mother asked Javon to attend and help out, but Javon told her he was busy with other things (which turned out to be absolutely nothing). Darrent Williams died in Javon Walker’s arms, and theres no doubt that it was a traumatizing moment that will never be forgotten…..however….. It’s simply impossible for Javon to escape this situation without looking like a jerkoff.

Everyone deals with grief in their own way, but perhaps it’s time for Javon to stop running from what happened that night and deal with the situation head on. Walker didn’t even go to Darrent’s funeral after the incident and seems to be continuing his life like it never happened.

There’s too many coincidences in this saga to be ignored. We’ll see how it turns out…

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