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The 10 Best & Worst Sports Moments Of 2008 [Mid-Year Edition]

July 17th, 2008 . by admin

With half of the year over and done with, let’s take a look at the best and worst stories in the world of sports from January through June.

10. Mario Chalmers’ miracle 3-pointer – Kansas was shooting horribly from the arc all night and found themselves down with only 10 seconds left in the game. Chalmers’ big shot sent the game into over time, where his team won of course.

9. D-Wade buys his mom a church – We all love to chat endlessly about sports drama and shine too much light on negativity, but this story with Dwayne Wade was the exact opposite. He bought his mom Jolinda her own church to celebrate her seventh year of sobriety and a remarkable turnaround of her life. Check out the story here

8. The rise of Kimbo Slice
– Kimbo Slice went from a YouTube barbarian to a bonafied superstar headlining the first ever MMA event on broadcast television. This knockout of Tank Abbott is the shining moment in his short career so far…

7. Gerald Green’s birthday cake dunk
– Gerald didn’t win this year’s slam dunk contest, but he delivered one of the most creative dunks I’ve seen in a while. He sat a cupcake with a lit candle atop the basketball rim, and blew out the candle mid-air before dunking the ball… watch the video below.

6. The Chris Berman videos – Never piss off your underlings when you work in television, because they might release embarrassing footage of you a few years later down the road. Check it out below…

5. Tiger Wins U.S. Open on a bum knee – Tiger ethered the competition in this year’s U.S. Open while struggling with a knee injury (which later turned out to be much worse than anyone anticipated). The putt seen in the video below forced a one-on-one playoff with Rocco Mediate.

4. Kobe, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes – I have NEVER laughed as hard as I did the first time I saw this video in my entire life.

Shaq kobe
Uploaded by bsap11

3. Ken Griffey Hits 600th Home Run – Im proud to say this post I wrote about Ken Griffey Jr’s quest to 600 home runs is the most popular in the history of Sportaphile. Griffey’s a great player and a sure fire first ballot hall of famer. Congrats again on reaching 600 (and doing it the right way).

2. T.O. Crying for Tony Romo – I believe Terrell Owens is the best Wide Receiver in the NFL and gets a bad rap from the sports media. However, when he broke down and shed a few tears for Tony Romo after their heartbreaking loss, I couldn’t help but laugh. You can watch the video HERE.

1. NEW ENGLAND LOSES, DOWN GOES BRADY, DOWN GOES BRADY!!! – It is no secret that I am no Patriots fan, and this blog is 100% anti-New England. I once stated that the birth of my unborn first son will be the second best day of my life. The first will be the day the New York Giants upset New England in this year’s super bowl. There’s an entire post dedicated to making fun of the Patriots’ grand failure. Check it out.


10. Never Back Down: The Movie – Mixed Marial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in our country and was finally granted its very own major motion picture to introduce it to new fans. Sounds good right? Well too bad the movie was a steaming pile of poo. You can read my review of the film HERE.

9. The L.T. Sissy moment - Ladainian Tomlinson spent the biggest game of his career sitting on the bench pouting, claiming he sprained his MCL and couldn’t go on. However, a few weeks later, Plexico Burress of the New York Giants sprained his MCL, partially tore two knee ligaments, and STILL played in the super bowl (where he had the game winning catch).

8. BET’s Iron Ring – Geez, can MMA catch a break? If the “Never Back Down” movie wasn’t bad enough, BET created a reality show centered around black fighters. The production quality was horrible, the competition seemed unorganized, and they threw rappers into the mix for no apparent reason. PLEASE don’t make a second season.

7. Marion Jones goes to jail – America’s sweetheart, the darling of Track & Field, was sentenced to jail time for lying to federal investigators. A disgraced Marion Jones retired from competition (and also lost all of her money), she should be out of the clink in a few months. Have a look at her prison mates here.

6. Cris Carter snubbed in the Hall Of Fame – Carter is one of the most accomplished receivers the NFL has ever seen, yet he was inexplicably given the shaft in this year’s Hall Of Fame class. His failure to get into the hall this year MAY have implications on Randy Moss and Terrell Owens many years down the road.

5. LeBron’s King Kong Cover – Being that there are not very many black sports blogs around, Sportaphile was one of the first sites to raise the comparison between LeBron’s Vogue cover and King Kong. Do I think Vogue editors delibrately did this in some evil racist plot? Of course not. However, I do think the image of the big aggressive musclebound black man is shoved in our faces too often.

4. The Roger Clemens Saga – One year ago, Roger Clemens was a celebrated hero of baseball. The media threw roses at his feet and worshiped the ground he walked on (much like Brett Favre and Tiger Woods). All of that good will and praise seems like a distant memory, the only athlete to have a faster fall from grace than Roger Clemens is Michael Vick.

3. The story of Karl Malone and Demetrius Williams - Karl Malone’s long lost son Demetrius Williams worked up the nerve to contact his father on his 18th birthday. Instead of a teary eyed reunion worthy of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Karl Malone told Bell that it was “too late to be his dad”, and not to ask for any money. Luckily Demetrius now plays for the Buffalo Bills and hopefully isn’t hurting for any cash.

2. Boston Celtics: The Drama Queens - Between Paul Pierce faking an injury in game one of the NBA finals, and Garnett’s teary-eyed-and-forced-”ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEEEEEE” yelp at the conclusion of the series, I was sick of seeing his mug on my television.

1. Sal Paolantonio of ESPN compares Marvin Harrison To A Cop Killer – This is a story that nobody (including sports blogs) picked up for some unknown reason. Sal appeared on a nationally syndicated radio show and drew strong comparisons between Colts Wide Receiver and cop killers. He also seemed disgusted by the fact that Marvin chooses to open businesses in the inner city where he grew up (because the LAST thing poor people need are jobs right?) You can read more about this story here.

BONUS – It’d be wrong if I didn’t mention Major League Baseball blackballing Barry Bonds this year. Barry’s given his heart and sould to the game for the better part of 20 years, and to end his career like this is extremely sad.

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