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Nike’s Homophobic Ads? ….. Get The F’ Outta Here …..

July 28th, 2008 . by admin

Earlier this month, I posted a funny Nike commercial titled 1-800-Dunk’d-On which was about a guy getting embarrassed on the basketball court and ridiculed by his friends as a result.

Dunking in your opponents face, blocking their shots, and “breaking” their ankles have always been one of the most entertaining parts of basketball. It’s all about competition and never meant to be disrespectful, once the game is over you give your opponent a dap (not a “fist bump”) and then you keep it movin.

Well, several sensitive individuals and/or members of the homosexual community have spoken out against the advertisements, claiming they imply that having another man’s genitals in your face is bad.

Can you believe how ridiculous this sounds?

Not wanting to piss anyone off, Nike has pulled the ad campaign and apologized for any misunderstandings.

Like I stated earlier, the ads were strictly confined to the act of getting dunked on, but even if they WERE implying a man’s genitals in your face was bad… it STILL wouldn’t be homophobic. I say this because, anytime ANYONE puts their privates in your face without asking… you’re going to react negatively. I’m 100% hetero, and I would frown if Lisa Leslie dunked on me and I had her sweaty catchers mitt all on my forehead. This isn’t a gender specific thing folks.


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