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NBA Basketball: No Bitchassness Allowed

September 30th, 2008 . by Risse aka TownBiz

Continuing our weeklong celebration of NBA training camps opening this week, we give the people what they want and turn our eyes to teams in Sportaphile’s own backyard, breaking down the grind that is the Western Conference’s Pacific Division:

(Last year’s record)

(48-34) When things go bad, they sure do fall apart quickly. First, the Warriors win 48 games but still miss the playoffs. Then the front office fronted on its offer to Baron Davis, resulting in Boom Dizzle going Hollywood, albeit to the Clippers. Then there’s Monta. So truthfully, I don’t know what to make of the messy Golden State affairs. I don’t even think newcomer Coery Maggette and Captain Jack will be able to S.O.S. this thing before it capsizes. I hate to say it but I think the Warriors can RSVP right now for the 2009 Draft Lottery.

(23-59) It sure must feel good to be back at home for Baron Davis. He has gotten on the Boom Dizzle diet plan courtesy of Jenny Craig and is having a grand ol’ time chilling with Cash W. and Jessica Alba and all his other celebrity cronies. Even without Elton Brand, who surprisingly dipped to Philly, things still look promising for LA’s stepchild team. With the addition of Marcus Camby, I really think the Clips can have about 40-44 wins, which might even leave enough in the tank to trump whoever is hanging on for that final playoff spot. Read the rest of this entry »

The Impending “Terrell Owens Implosion” Is Media Created Bullsh-t

September 30th, 2008 . by admin

First off, let’s get one thing straight. Terrell Owens is smoking crack when he whined about not getting the ball on Sunday….a game in which he was targeted 20 times. The Cowboys would have fared better had they distributed the rock to their running backs more often. Terrell selfish when it comes to getting the ball, but to be honest… all elite wide receivers are.

Now let’s get to the media.

They’ve been waiting two and a half years for this man “to blow up in Dallas” and they’re willing to poke, prod, and embellish every minute detail to ensure that he does. T.O. stood on the podium and expressed frustration at losing a game against a heated rival, but he did so in a manner that was slightly immature and that’s all ESPN needs to get the ball rolling on how he’s “ready to throw Tony Romo under the bus”.

I want everyone to be clear on how infatuated with Terrell Owens this network is. This is the same network that launched live round the clock coverage during the “T.O. overdose” incident. They had at least 5 hours of live analysis with everyone from psychiatrists to childhood friends on the air giving their two cents. They live to magnify everything he does for the benefit of ratings. They have a lot to gain as a network by Dallas melting down this season, just think of how many hours they will dedicate to it.

Like I’ve said plenty of times, if you don’t think ESPN has a vested interest in creating drama in Dallas, I have a bridge in San Francisco I want to sell you. The worst culprits on the network are the crew from NFL countdown which consists of Chris Berman, (uncle) Tom Jackson, Keyshawn Johnson, and Mike Ditka. These guys get on the air and LOVE taking shots at Owens, Keyshawn and Tom in particular. Johnson has a real reason to hate T.O. because Owens put him in his place last year.

The ‘Worldwide Leader In Sports’ needs T.O. to do ANYTHING that can be stretched out into a weeks worth of coverage. It really drives me up the wall when fans buy into the hype and fail to see how a sports network injects themselves into a situation for ratings.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Chuck & Risse’s Monday Night Football Update

September 30th, 2008 . by Risse aka TownBiz

Pittsburgh-23 vs Baltimore-20 (OT)

Chuck: I can’t front. Even though I picked the Steelers to win I was rooting for B’more. I love the Ray Lewis-led defense and it’s genuinely exciting watching them play. I have an annoucement though.

I’ve been a longstanding defender of Tony Kornheiser in the MNF booth. I love the guy on PTI and I’ve always found him to be very funny… But as far as MNF goes.. I just can’t stand this guy anymore. I am officially the last person off the Kornheiser bandwagon. He needs to go.

Risse: Let me find out that I had my very own DeSean Jackson moment this evening, chest-bumping a bit too early in celebration of a presumed Ravens win, not to mention Week 4′s Picks standings. Don’t I get the gas face. QB Joe Flacco took his lumps like a man in only his third start for the Ravens, and I am certainly singing the same sad rookie ballad right about now.

This Week’s Earnings: Chuck (6-7) Risse (6-7)
Overall Points: Chuck(2.5) vs Risse(1.5)

(points per week: 2-win; 1-loss; 0.5-tie)

Video: Ludacris – Undisputed w/ Floyd Mayweather & Bam Bam

September 29th, 2008 . by admin

As most of you guys know, I’m a huge Floyd Mayweather fan so when I found out he was in Luda’s new video I had to check it out. You know anytime Floyd is making an appearance in someone else’s video, it’s a million times better than when he’s trying to rap himself.

Child boxing prodigy Pretty Boy Bam Bam also makes an appearance…

theres explicit language in the video (duh)

NBA Basketball: The 2008-09 No Bitchassness Allowed Report

September 29th, 2008 . by Risse aka TownBiz

NBA training camps have officially gotten underway, and my body is slowly stabilizing itself from the withdrawals it annually experiences when the NBA Finals conclude in June. My fellow junkies in hoop got a little reprieve while keeping up with the Redeem Team capturing the gold in Beijing. But it just ain’t the same as the phenomenon of NBA action. Plus, I don’t get to write my No Bitchassness Allowed reports. So for the next few days, Sportaphile’s NBA report will be giving our in-depth analysis of each team, by division. Consider this the training camp edition.

Today we look at teams in the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic division. (Last year’s record)

(66-16). Never say never. I never in 1,000 years could have imagined myself rooting for the Boston Celtics. But this past spring, if loving them was wrong, I sure as hell wanted to be charged with the crime. I have a love for KG and won’t take the space to go on about the glory of the 2008 NBA FInals. Going into this season it’s the champs who hold the top spot (even without my guy James Posey) until a team is bold enough to beat them down and take it. That is no easy task, so as of right now, I have the Celtics in the Finals until further notice. My Finals pick will be posted on Opening Night of the NBA season.

(34-48) The Nets drew the line in the sand this summer and traded Richard Jefferson. In exchange, they got Yi Jianlian, who will undoubtedly expand the team’s marketing reach in China, but will not have that same impact where it counts–on the court. I do believe that the Nets scored a keeper in Chris Douglas-Roberts, though, who will be playing with a certified chip on his shoulder after being dissed in this year’s draft. CDR and Devin Harris should really push the rock once they get in sync but it’s truly shit or get off the pot time for Vince Carter in New Jersey as far as I’m concerned. Overall, the Nets aren’t making any noise this year. Read the rest of this entry »

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