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Raiders Disaster Update #1

September 12th, 2008 . by admin

Theres a good article on SF Gate detailing the toxic relationship between coach Kiffin, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, and owner Al Davis. Ray Ratto absolutely nails the foolish pride-induced-standoff between owner and coach. Davis refuses to fire Kiffin because he doesn’t want to pay Kiffin his full salary, Kiffin won’t leave because if he does he’ll leave empty handed.

“Kiffin is by all accounts a man alone on a team that knows he is a dead man talking. He has done everything but put a flaming bag of dog’s business on Al’s desk.

Every day Kiffin stays is a day the team’s paralysis grows more profound and less curable. Davis spent almost $200 million on player contracts this offseason and is letting all that go to waste over the $4 million he doesn’t want Kiffin to make for nothing.

By all accounts, Davis and Kiffin almost never speak, which normally is a healthy sign if you’re looking for a firing. And by every known account, the players sit back and watch this silliness and try not to laugh on camera.”

God help them.

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