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Martellus Bennett’s Rap Career May Never Take Off…. ROFL

January 26th, 2009 . by admin

Martellus is the backup tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, he’s shown flashes of brilliance at times on the field but it seems as if his skills on the mic aren’t quite as good. Check out Mr. Bennett busting a ‘freestyle’ over 50 Cent’s “I Get Money” instrumental.

Note: If the guys in the room with you know the words to your rhyme… it’s not a freestyle.

I’m not sure if this will result in a public shaming for Martellus or not, he uses the N-Word and “homo”…. but he IS a backup tight end afterall… so nobody will care.

video found at The Landry Hat

Video: Sugar Shane Mosley Knocks Out Antonio Margarito

January 24th, 2009 . by admin

If you were not convinced that Shane Mosley is a hall of fame boxer, Saturday’s performance should remove all doubt. Prior to this fight, a 37 year old Mosley was a 4-1 underdog in vegas, and many actually feared for his safety considering how big, strong, and relentless Margarito is.

From the time the opening bell rang, Shane Mosley absolutely demolished Margarito in every phase of the bout. Unlike Miguel Cotto, who lay against the ropes and attempted to trade blows with Antonio for 11 rounds, Mosley constantly moved, jabbed, stayed off the ropes, and tied up his opponent when needed. Shane Mosley is a very smart boxer (just like Floyd Mayweather), in fact….. Shane did exactly what I said Floyd would do if he fought Antonio.

But back to Shane…. this performance was absolutely amazing… I didn’t think he’d be able to pull it off.

Kurt Warner Is Better Than Peyton Manning. Don’t Laugh.

January 22nd, 2009 . by admin

kurt-warnerI caught this interesting article on Sports Illustrated’s website, and it’s damned hard to argue with anything they have to say. Warner and Manning entered the league in the same year, they’ve both played the majority of their career in a dome, and they’ve both played with great running backs. The biggest difference between the two men is that Manning was anointed as great before he entered the NFL, and Warner has clawed for every chance he’s got. Here are a few facts:

- Warner’s teams are 8-2 in postseason play. Manning’s Colts are 7-8 in postseason play. Only Bart Starr and Tom Brady have a higher postseason winning percentage than Warner.

- When it comes to all-important postseason play, there is no comparison: Warner is better than Manning any which way you want to slice it or dice it.

Warner in the postseason (10 games):
230 of 360 (63.9 percent), 2,991 yards, 8.31 YPA, 299 yards per game, 23 TD, 12 INT, 97.3 passer rating.

Manning in the postseason (15 games):
348 of 565 (61.6 percent), 4,207 yards, 7.4 YPA, 280 yards per game, 22 TD, 17 INT, 84.9 passer rating.

You’ll notice Warner is better than Manning in almost every single efficiency stat and has actually thrown more postseason TD passes than Manning (23 to 22) — despite playing in five fewer games.

You’ll also notice Warner’s postseason passer rating (97.3) is higher than his regular-season passer rating (93.8), while Manning’s postseason passer rating (84.9) is significantly lower than his regular-season passer rating (94.7).

In other words, Warner’s play improves in the postseason pressure cooker. Manning’s performances plummet.

Manning has been to the Super Bowl once, Warner is making his 3rd trip next Sunday. Warner has also taken two bottom-feeding organizations to the promised land, and didn’t piggyback other great players to get there (like Rex Grossman and Trent Dilfer).

Peyton can put up all the gaudy regular season stats he wants, but the bottom line is… he hasn’t been very good when it’s mattered most.

It’s Safe To Say Anquan Boldin Won’t Be In Arizona Next Season

January 19th, 2009 . by admin

anquan-boldinMost of you may remember Anquan Boldin asking to be traded *before* the current season started, he wants (and deserves) a huge contract like his good pal Larry Fitzgerald received in the offseason. Anquan claims that the powers that be in the Cardinals front office repeatedly lied to him concerning a new contract, he was so angry that he cut off negotiations and refuses to even entertain doing business with his team…. he wanted OUT.

However, much to everyone’s surprise…. the Cardinals had a great season, made the playoffs, and are now on the way to the Super Bowl. Anquan’s been quiet all season so it seemed as if he may be willing to bury the hatchet because things are going well.

Until last night…
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Video: Ryan Clark Knocks Out Willis McGahee

January 18th, 2009 . by admin


I wanted the Ravens to make it to the Super Bowl this year, but the Steelers had their way with Baltimore tonight en route to another appearance in the big game. To add insult to injury, Ryan Clark laid this MASSIVE hit on Willis McGahee at the end of the game… it really sucked the life out of the crowd and you could tell everyone was worried about Willis’ well being.

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