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So Dwayne Wade Likes To Have Wild Sex Parties….

February 9th, 2009 . by admin

wadeandrichard2009 has started out kinda rough or Dwayne Wade, first his wife Siohvaughn (lol) accused him of giving her herpes and abandoning their two children, now a disgruntled former business partner is contacting the media with scandalous accusations. Richard Von Houtman and Wade teamed up for several ventures that included restaurants, car rims, sunglasses, and clothing, but everything tanked. Von Houtman is still a little salty about losing money, so now he’s giving us the dirty details about Wade’s desire to have sex with every woman on earth.

Von Houtman rented a $1.7 million, two-story apartment in Miami Beach to serve as the headquarters for their marketing company, Wade Global Enterprises, but come nightfall Dwayne used the place to make it rain on them hoes.

““It was a four-bedroom place on the first floor of a high-rise,” said Von Houtman, who through 2007 met with Wade and/or Andrews almost daily. “One day, I got a call from my cleaning crew at the apartment. I went down there and what I saw was disgusting. The apartment was trashed, filthy, and it wasn’t the first time.”

Von Houtman described used condoms on the floor of the bedrooms, obvious signs of sexual activities on all the beds, empty champagne and hard-liquor bottles, nearly-finished blunts and half-eaten food rotting on tables and furniture.

“They’d have these parties in there two or three times a week,” Von Houtman said. “There were always dozens of people in there. Rappers, Dwyane and his entourage, women they’d pick up in clubs.”

“They (Wade and Andrews) both made it clear to me how their goal in life is to have sex with as many women as possible,” Von Houtman said.

The sexy time didnt end there, Von Houtman claims that their restaurant chain failed in a matter of weeks partly because of Wade’s sexual escapades.

“Dwyane and Marcus would show up in the Fort Lauderdale location and round up the waitresses they thought were pretty. They’d disappear with them, leaving the restaurant short-staffed,” Von Houtman said. “They were sexual harassment lawsuits waiting to happen.

“Dwayne wanted us to built a VIP room in the Aventura branch (which never opened) that would be totally segregated, with its own bathroom and chaise-lounges. For what? We were serving food, not sex.”

This is only one side of the story, so we can’t take it as gospel, but I love how Dwayne Wade seemingly turned his business into a poon-factory. The high employment turnover rate would constantly churn out new women for him.. the fact that he may or may not have made money is secondary….. BRILLIANT!

and of course…. Wade’s people deny everything.

Wade’s publicist, Lisa Joseph, e-mailed this statement Monday afternoon: “It’s a shame that a disgruntled former business associate is peddling these fairy tales to fit his own personal agenda.”

I don’t have a problem with Dwayne Wade having illicit encounters with just about every woman he came in contact with, and I don’t have a problem with Dwayne Wade throwing away thousands of dollars in bad investments. But why would you even get married if you know you’re not ready to settle down and live that life?

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