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BRILLIANT!: System Lets Us Know Who Dunks The Hardest In Basketball

February 24th, 2009 . by admin

clemson-dunk-machineSince the sport largely lacks the physicality of football, one of the few times basketball players get to display savage-caveman-like aggression is when they take it to the hole and dunk. I’m not talking about those sissy Dwight Howard dunks where you put on a cape and throw the ball in from 4ft away, I’m talking about those freight-train-running-over-your-mama-because-I-want-my-40-acres-and-a-mule LeBron James dunks. The good shit.

The good folks at Clemson University devised a system that measures the force of the dunk, and displays the data on the overhead screens instantly for everyone to see.

“Ray Sykes had a nasty dunk at the East Carolina University game,” said Jonathan Cox, one of the students working on the project. “It peaked at a little over 30 g’s, one of the highest recorded so far. That’s awesome when you consider an earthquake’s ground motion produces accelerations around point five and one g.”

If this system is ever implemented in the NBA… I’m sure the networks will create an easy-to-understand graphic called “The DUNK ‘O METER” or something equally lame.

I would have loved to see the force of Shaq’s dunks.. but 26 year old monster Shaq that tore down the rims.

[Source = Engadget]

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