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Video: Athetes, Golddiggers and Travis Henry’s 2 New Kids (that makes 11!)

March 15th, 2009 . by admin

royce-reed-dwight-howardSunday’s edition of ESPN’s Outside The Lines featured the familiar story of athletes and their miscellaneous offspring sprinkled throughout the country.

The segment starts with Travis Henry, who is infamous for having nine children with nine different women. What makes the story even more interesting is the fact that Henry is no longer in the NFL, has been indicted for trafficking drugs, and has no money to keep up with $17,000 per month in child support. To make matters worse a woman named Vanessa Colbert says Henry is the father of her twin girls… which makes 11 children for him.

Later in the segment ESPN spoke to the mothers of Dwight Howard and Jason Caffey’s children. The absolute saddest moment of the entire thing, was Jason Caffey’s 15 year old son who has only met his dad once. He keeps a basketball card of his father in his wallet….

It’s incredibly irresponsible for athletes to around having unprotected sex with various females, and I’m sure not all of the women who end up pregnant were trying to “trap” the athletes. However, the chicks who deliberately get pregnant because they think it’s a meal ticket are beyond pathetic. I’ve seen posts on Baller Alert where women ask advice on how to get knocked up by athletes, bitches like that need a trip to the pysch ward…. seriously.

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