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Okay Brandon Marshall, You’ve Convinced Me You’re A Moron

June 16th, 2009 . by admin

brandon-marshallWhen you mix the uncanny bad decision making of Terrell Owens with the Pacman Jones-esque penchant for off-field troubles…. you get Brandon Marshall.

I’m not sure why, but earlier this year when Brandon Marshall announced he had turned a new leaf and wanted to be more like Peyton Manning i actually believed the guy. This was after his arrest, suspension, and mysterious injury in which he “slipped on a McDonalds bag” and suffered a gash on his arm. I figured those incidents helped him come to the conclusion that he really needed to get things under control and become a model citizen.


Since then he’s been arrested for disorderly conduct, had hip surgery, and is now demanding that the Broncos trade him because he wants more money.

It’s almost as if NFL owners are falling all over themselves to give a large contract to an injury prone knucklehead who can’t go a full season without getting arrested. I know this kid can ball, and he’s proved that over the last couple of seasons…. but logic tells me you don’t demand a new contract 2 months after an arrest and hip surgery.

I almost hope Denver takes a page out of Cincinnati’s book and refuses to trade him. He’ll try to hold out and then be on the field by week 2, and arrested again by New Years.

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