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10 Of The Ugliest Michael Vick Comments On Twitter

July 28th, 2009 . by admin

Immediately following the news that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a conditional reinstatement to Michael Vick, Twitter exploded with commentary from thousands of users. As I browsed through everyone’s take I was surprised at the amount of ignorant, violent, hateful, and sometimes racist things people spewed with the intention of defending their stance. The hateful comments came from both Pro-Vick and Anti-Vick individuals so you can’t only blame one side, it’s just an unfortunate event no matter which way you slice it.

At the end of the day, I’m weary that crap like this is going to ruin the upcoming NFL season because everyone wants to use Vick as a platform to spew trash about their cause. In just a few hours on Twitter, I witnessed the Vick scandal used for stances on abortion, human rights, animal rights, racism, gun control, child abuse…. you name it.

Here’s a small (and I really mean small, there were hundreds of comments like these) sample of the things said:

(click on the tweet if you want to go to their profile directly)




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Video: Stephon Marbury Crying On Webcam

July 26th, 2009 . by admin

If this was any regular person, I wouldn’t find it to be *that bizarre* of an act because some folk are just deeply religious like that. But when Stephon Marbury gets on live webcam and breaks down crying in front of thousands of onlookers…. then yeah he’s a weirdo. Nothing with Stephon Marbury is an isolated incident, he’s been involved in too many situations to get the benefit of the doubt from me anymore.

I knew he was doing a 24 hour live stream over the weekend, but I only managed to watch 10 or 15 minutes before I turned it off, nobody is that interesting (unless it’s Mike Tyson, I would have watched that).

Does anybody know if he still owns that $20 million dollar jet that the New York Post said he bought?

Stephon Marbury Has A Breakdown Live On Webcam

Update: I’ve just learned that Starbury was also dancing around his bedroom in his underwear. This screenshot reminds me of Damon Wayans in the movie “Colors”.


Vernon Forrest Gave Me One Of My Top 5 “HOLY SH..” Moments In Boxing

July 26th, 2009 . by admin

As was the case earlier this month with Steve McNair, I’m not going to spend time pouring over the details surrounding the death of Vernon Forrest. Instead of I’m to talk about one of the moments he gave us in the ring that I’ll never forget. No, it wasn’t the night he surprised everyone and whipped Shane Mosley from pillar to post and captured the titles. Instead it was the moment where a virtually unheard of Nicaraguan named Ricardo Mayorga stunned Forrest and became a star. After this fight I called/emailed/IM’ed every boxing fan I knew like “DID YOU SEE THAT???”

Forrest had just signed a lucrative six-fight deal with HBO as a new champion, and Mayorga was more or less an appetizer before the good stuff began. The mood before the fight started was the typical “this-scrub-I-never-heard-of-is-about-to-get-murdered” thing. Larry Merchant was talking about how he wondered if Mayorga could even last long enough to be competitive. The first two minutes of the fight were what everyone expected, Forrest stayed outside and boxed and he found his target easily. Two minutes into the fight Larry Merchant mentioned Vernon Forrest was a 10-1 favorite at one point and almost instantly things changed. The Mayorga we have all come to know emerged, and started swinging for the fences. Forrest was sent to the mat, but not particularly hurt… and this proved to be the turning point in the match.

Instead of sticking to his guns and boxing Mayorga, Forrest got a little macho after being knocked down and entered a slugfest …. and that was all she wrote. When it became obvious to everyone that we were NOT going to see Vernon simply run over his opponent, George Foreman gave the quotable of the evening:

“Boy, when you sign these big contracts the last thing you think about is that you’re gonna have to fight for the money”

90 seconds later… it was over.

(the build up)

(the end of the fight)

In retrospect, we’ve learned that you don’t beat Mayorga unless you stay composed and pick your shots. He leaves himself open enough in his flurries that you’ll eventually break him down and knock him out. In a way, Forrest had to lose this fight so everyone else could know what tactic to stay away from.

I hesitated a little before making this post because I wasn’t sure I wanted to post about a fight in which Forrest got his ass beat, but at the end of the day he had nothing to be ashamed of. When it’s all said and done he gave us a night in the ring that you’ll never forget. If you’re a hardcore boxing fan like I am you certainly remember where you were the first time you saw this unfold. It wasn’t exactly on par with Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson, but it’s definitely in my top 5 favorite boxing moments.

Floyd Mayweather: “MMA Is For White Boys Who Couldn’t Cut It In Boxing”

July 21st, 2009 . by admin

Oh boy…

I’m probably the biggest Mayweather fan out there, but I can’t co-sign any of what you’re about to read for reasons I will explain at the bottom of the post. But during a press conference promoting his upcoming fight against Juan Manuel Marquez, he offered these statements about MMA and Manny Pacquiao.

“You can’t take my shoes off, and take my shirt off and throw me in a cage. You do that with animals, you don’t do that with humans,” said a bold Mayweather. “It takes true skills to be in the sport of boxing.”

While Mayweather probably should have stopped his brash statements there — he didn’t, saying MMA was created by white fighters who couldn’t cut it in the ring.

“In boxing, we know who’s dominating. Black fighters and Hispanic fighters is dominating in this sport,” Mayweather continued. “And this is not a racial statement but there’s no white fighters in boxing that’s dominating, so they had to go to something else and start something new.”

Mayweather was then asked about a potential fight with Manny Pacquiao and offered these words:

“Everybody wants to see the Pacquiao fight, but it doesn’t work like that. Pacquiao isn’t his own boss and he’s giving up 27 percent of his money to Bob Arum,” Mayweather said. “Once he becomes his own boss, then we can talk. If he’s not his own boss I ain’t got nothing to say to him.”

But just in case he does, Mayweather says you know where to find him.

“It’s not hard to find me. Everybody know I’m in Las Vegas,” he said. “Just look for the biggest mansion and the prettiest Rolls-Royce — that’s me.” < ---- LOL

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People Never Get The Flowers While They Can Still Smell ‘Em

July 4th, 2009 . by admin

rip-steve-mcnairOne thing that’s definitely been hammered home in the last week or so with the deaths of Michael Jackson and Steve McNair, is that we never tell folks how much they mean to us before it’s too late. This is true on a personal level when dealing with our own family, but it’s also true for public figures and the way they’re handled in the media.

While ESPN was making the rounds getting player reactions to the passing of Steve McNair, Hall Of Fame quarterback Steve Young was quoted as saying “you couldn’t find 5 guys who could do all the things Steve McNair could do on the field.” Those are HUGE words, especially coming from a guy who’s considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but it also stings that you’d never hear anything like this in the media while McNair was still alive. Sure, the sports media gave McNair plenty of props for being tough and hard working, but those things don’t really speak for the technical skill he displayed at the quarterback position. That type of praise is usually limited to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Steve McNair could be a classic drop back QB, he could take off with his feet and make you miss, or he could simply run over linebackers with brute strength.

While the rest of the media and blogosphere are currently going crazy digging for details of how and why McNair died, I find myself simply not caring how it unfolded. The bottom line is that a man that pretty much everyone considered to be a great dude is gone. I hope the police find the person who did this and bring them to justice, but outside of that… it really doesn’t matter.

As far as blogging goes, the last week has shown me that I should spend less time caught up in the bullshit and learn how to write about who I appreciate sometimes and why. I’m not suggesting everyone hold hands and sing Kumbaya just because someone died, but it really wouldn’t hurt to speak good of the folks who deserve it every now and then.

I’ll do my part.