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The All American Football League Kicks Off April 12th

February 10th, 2008 . by admin

Am I the last one to find out about this new football league or what? I’m absolutely starved for football now that the NFL season is over so I’ll definitely give this a shot. You want details? Here’s the rundown:
All American Football League
Offlicial League Website

1. All players MUST possess a four-year university degree to participate in the league, no exceptions.
2. Every team is league owned, and all players will earn around $100,000 per year.
3. There are 6 teams starting out in the first season.

* Team Alabama – (Birmingham, Legion Field), coached by Mike Jones, former head coach of Frankfurt in NFL Europa. The team includes former Crimson Tide players (Reggie Myles, Alonzo Ephraim, and Marcus Spencer) and Kendall Mack from the Auburn Tigers.
* Team Arkansas – (Little Rock, War Memorial Stadium), coached by Ron Calcagni. Signed players include former Razorback stars Clint Stoerner and Anthony Lucas
* Team Florida – (Gainesville, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium) coached by Shane Matthews. Signed players include former Gators quarterback Chris Leak and former FSU standout and 1st round draft pick, Peter Warrick. The home opener will be played at Jacksonville and the final home game will be at Tampa.
* Team Michigan – (Detroit, Ford Field), coached by John Fontes, former assistant coach of the Detroit Lions. Players have been signed from the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and other colleges.
* Team Tennessee – (Knoxville, Neyland Stadium), coached by Andy Kelly. Signed former UT kicker, James Wilhoit, as well as former UT QB Tee Martin.
* Team Texas – (Houston, Rice Stadium), coached by former University of Houston coach John Jenkins

I like this idea of the generic team names. When a new league starts up there is inevitably a team named “The Enforcers”, which is a sign that the league will surely die. Another cool tidbit is the effort the league is making to put players who went to college on teams geographically close to their alma mater.

While I admire their choice to close off this league to anyone without a college degree, I think it severely limits their talent pool. With competition from the CFL, NFL and the Arena Football League, they should be taking all the talent they can get. I’m interested how this will affect college students decision to league school early to enter the NFL draft. Maybe they’ll have second thoughts about making the jump.

You can get info about the AAFL Fantasy League here