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Video: Lil Wayne On ESPN (March Madness Picks, Barack Obama)

March 19th, 2009 . by admin

Lil Wayne appeared on ESPN’s first take again today, and gave his picks for March Madness and also voiced his opinion on Barack Obama’s predictions. Some folks are “outraged” that our president took 30 minutes of his time to talk about sports when our economy is in shambles.

There’s another video coming very shortly in which Wayne tells who he thinks will win the MVP out of Kobe, LeBron and D. Wade.

Lil Wayne To Appear On “Around The Horn” Tomorrow

February 9th, 2009 . by admin

I guess the brass in Bristol loved Lil Wayne’s appearance on First Take enough to invite him back to the network. Weezy will be appearing on ESPN’s “Around The Horn” tomorrow at 2:00pm pacific to debate with 3 sportswriters on various topics.

If you aren’t able to catch it while it airs, don’t trip because I’ll post the video immediately like always…. And if you missed Wayne’s past performance on ESPN you can watch it here!.

“Fresh off his four wins at the 2009 Grammy Awards Sunday night, rapper Lil’ Wayne will be a panelist on ESPN’s Around the Horn Tuesday at 5 p.m. He will match wits with regular reporters Woody Paige, Jay Mariotti and Michael Smith in the 30-minute sports debate program moderated and scored by Tony Reali. Lil’ Wayne, who contributes to and has appeared on ESPN’s First Take and, led performer nominations with nine and won four — Best Rap Album (for Tha Carter III), Best Rap Solo Performance (“A Milli”), Best Rap Performance by Group or Duo (“Swagga Like Us”), and Best Rap Song (“Lollipop”). He will appear on ATH from Los Angeles.”

Video: Pacman Jones Interview w/ Stephen A. Smith

January 11th, 2009 . by admin

Oh boy… where do I start with this one?

1. Is Stephen A. Smith the designated guy at ESPN who interviews troubled black athletes? (Terrell Owens, Allen Iverson, etc)
2. It’s funny hearing some fool named “Slugga” repeatedly referenced in a professional styled interview. This is the highlight of his life.
3. I laughed at Pacman saying “I was being ‘rebellion’ in the scrip club”.
4. I highly doubt anyone will pick Pacman up next season.

Video: Lil Wayne vs. Skip Bayless

January 6th, 2009 . by admin

I must say….. the ESPN producers must have asked Skip Bayless to take it easy on Wayne, because he’s on the best behavior I’ve ever seen him thusfar. Wayne isn’t completely embarrassing himself, he’s tripped up here and there on a few parts but overall he can hold his own. Both of these guys seem really subdued compared to their usual selves so the results are kinda disappointing.

Boooooooooo… I wanted Wayne to stumble onto the set with a styrophone cup in his hand while quoting Shakespear. Skip kisses Wayne’s ass for a while, and even helps him out when he stumbles (the part about the Titans).

Lil Wayne To Debate Skip Bayless On ESPN’s “First Take”

December 31st, 2008 . by admin

This will not end well.

Weezy will be appearing on ESPN the morning of January 6th for a mini debate with Skip Bayless. Those that are familiar with Lil Wayne knows that he’s liable to say anything (and the odds of you actually understanding what he’s talking about is a 50/50 crapshoot). Weezy writes a blog for and this will be his first foray into actually proving analysis on the air.

Much like Lil Wayne, Skip Bayless is also liable to say anything (and it’s usually something crazy for shock value)…. so the odds of their “Debate” being highly entertaining are great… I’m not missing this for the world.

Who remembers the time Skip said Eminem was underrated, yet was unable to name 5 other rappers?

Update – Jan 6th – We’ve got the full video HERE

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