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10 Of The Ugliest Michael Vick Comments On Twitter

July 28th, 2009 . by admin

Immediately following the news that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a conditional reinstatement to Michael Vick, Twitter exploded with commentary from thousands of users. As I browsed through everyone’s take I was surprised at the amount of ignorant, violent, hateful, and sometimes racist things people spewed with the intention of defending their stance. The hateful comments came from both Pro-Vick and Anti-Vick individuals so you can’t only blame one side, it’s just an unfortunate event no matter which way you slice it.

At the end of the day, I’m weary that crap like this is going to ruin the upcoming NFL season because everyone wants to use Vick as a platform to spew trash about their cause. In just a few hours on Twitter, I witnessed the Vick scandal used for stances on abortion, human rights, animal rights, racism, gun control, child abuse…. you name it.

Here’s a small (and I really mean small, there were hundreds of comments like these) sample of the things said:

(click on the tweet if you want to go to their profile directly)




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What Would Have Happened If Terrell Owens Bitched Out A White Woman On National TV?

June 24th, 2009 . by admin

By now I’m sure everyone has seen the ‘Superstars’ TV show (that really didn’t contain any superstars) where some model named Joanna Krupa goes ballistic and insults Terrell Owens for making their team lose. Everyone’s having a pretty good laugh at this because there are few things more entertaining than the misfortunes of Mr. Owens…. I get that.

Terrell may be arrogant, but he’s not stupid. He knows if he would have done what most sane people would have done and said “bitch…. who do you think you’re talking to?” followed by an equal dose of what she gave him… it would be World War III in the media. America is a very forgiving country, but I’m not sure a hulking black man can destroy a white girl on TV and escape with his life just yet.

Terrell was raised in the south by his grandmother (who I can only assume was a young woman during the civil rights movement) and I’m sure she told him the story of Emmitt Till every night over dinner like it was Dr. Suess. She had the huge wooden spoon and fork on the walls and everything, that kind of ambiance makes it stick with you forever.

Okay Brandon Marshall, You’ve Convinced Me You’re A Moron

June 16th, 2009 . by admin

brandon-marshallWhen you mix the uncanny bad decision making of Terrell Owens with the Pacman Jones-esque penchant for off-field troubles…. you get Brandon Marshall.

I’m not sure why, but earlier this year when Brandon Marshall announced he had turned a new leaf and wanted to be more like Peyton Manning i actually believed the guy. This was after his arrest, suspension, and mysterious injury in which he “slipped on a McDonalds bag” and suffered a gash on his arm. I figured those incidents helped him come to the conclusion that he really needed to get things under control and become a model citizen.


Since then he’s been arrested for disorderly conduct, had hip surgery, and is now demanding that the Broncos trade him because he wants more money.

It’s almost as if NFL owners are falling all over themselves to give a large contract to an injury prone knucklehead who can’t go a full season without getting arrested. I know this kid can ball, and he’s proved that over the last couple of seasons…. but logic tells me you don’t demand a new contract 2 months after an arrest and hip surgery.

I almost hope Denver takes a page out of Cincinnati’s book and refuses to trade him. He’ll try to hold out and then be on the field by week 2, and arrested again by New Years.

I Hope You Get Well Soon Chad Johnson..

June 10th, 2009 . by admin

As a general rule, people who get facial tattoos are just a little bit “off”. They may not be full on crazy, but I wouldn’t leave them alone with the steak knives or anything.

I’m taking a break from twitter, but someone gave me this link where Chad Johnson talked about getting the thing you see below.


Dear Michael Vick

May 20th, 2009 . by admin

Dear Michael,

You’re out of jail now, please don’t be a fucking moron and get into trouble again like Pacman Jones. There are plenty of fans and football enthusiasts like myself who have argued in your defense countless times during the last 2 years and we would prefer if you didn’t put egg on our faces. If I wake up one morning and see a headline like “Vick Violates Probation” or “Vick caught with 12 pounds of marijuana in trunk”, I’m going to LOSE IT.

Your friend,

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