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Video: Michael Vick Dogfighting Documentary

August 25th, 2008 . by admin

This is a pretty interesting watch, it chronicles how the entire case unfolded, from the very first clue to Michael Vick eventually pleading guilty. It’s amazing how one man getting pulled over for weed led to another man losing an $140 million dollar sports empire.

After serving a two year jail sentence, and losing every earthly possession, I hope he lands on his feet after he’s released.

A Fool And His Freedom Are Soon Parted…..

May 30th, 2008 . by admin

The man suspected of killing Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams may be going to jail for the rest of his life, all because he simply couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Willie D. Clark is currently incarcerated (on unrelated charges) and decided to write a letter to one of his fellow gang members discussing his role in the killing of Darrent Williams. The problem is, the letter was intercepted by another inmate who then gave the letter to The Rocky Mountain News in hopes of cashing in on a $100,000 reward.

In the letter, Clark says he is worried someone who saw him shoot “D-Will” – a nickname for Williams – will start talking to police about the killing.

“(The person) seen me with the gun and shoot out the whip [car],” the letter states.

The stupidity doesn’t end there. Clark won’t be able to simply deny he wrote the letter, because he wrote a separate letter to The Rocky Mountain News in the past. Yes, you read that correctly, the newspaper already has a sample of his writing from a letter he wrote to them “clearing his name”.

At the newspaper’s urging, the source this month turned over a copy of the letter to law enforcement, which conducted a handwriting analysis.

Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey declined to comment on the letter or the investigation Thursday. But a law enforcement source said the writing in the letter matched a handwriting sample police obtained from Clark.”

So yeah… he’s a goner, justice will be served.

R.I.P. Darrent Williams

prison letter


Michael Jordan’s Pimp Hand Is Way Strong

March 14th, 2008 . by admin

I haven’t been following the story of New York. Gov. Eliot Spitzer and his call girl/escort very closely, but this news tidbit from the Chicago SunTimes caught my eye.

Apparently in the unsealed FBI affidavits, a big time client of the escort service “Emperor’s Club” from Chicago was mentioned, and Michael Jordan’s name instantly surfaced as a possible candidate. That’s powerful stuff right there, just think about it. All someone has to do is mention a whore’s name in Chicago and the immediate reaction is “Michael Jordan”.

Corporations kill for that kind of name association.

Jordan’s money grubbing lawyer Frederick Sperling jumped all over this and put the rumors to bed, “I have just received confirmation from Assistant U.S. Attorney Rita Glavin in New York that our client Michael Jordan is neither a subject nor a target of this investigation.”

Michael has the white girl market cornered so thoroughly that you can’t touch a midwestern gal without going through him first. Mike is doing for Chicago what O.J. did for Los Angeles in the late 80s. The only difference is MJ may love white girls, but O.J. loved white girls to death. *RIMSHOT!*

[story found at SportsByBrooks]

Marion Jones Enters Federal Prison

March 7th, 2008 . by admin

marion jones press conferenceFormer track star Marion Jones began her six month federal prison sentence this afternoon at the Federal Medical Center Carswell, located on the Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth. It appears Marion got “somewhat” of a deal because this particular prison specializes in medical and mental health services, but has select inmates who don’t require that kind of care (Jones).

After frequently denying ever having used performance-enhancing drugs, Jones admitted she had lied to federal investigators in November 2003. Jones also admitted lying about her knowledge of the involvement of Tim Montgomery, the father of her older son, in a scheme to cash millions of dollars worth of stolen or forged checks.

I figured this would be the perfect chance to take a look back at our profile of Marion’s potential prison mates. Big Shirley will give Marion all the love and care she can muster.

Debbie Clemens Took HGH, Andy Pettitte Took HGH, But Roger Clemens Didn’t?

February 13th, 2008 . by admin

Roger Clemens and wife Debbie ClemensRiiiiiiiiiiiiight. We should all be mad at Roger for insulting our intelligence.

So we’ve learned a few things today as a result of the congressional meeting on Capitol hill.

1. Andy Pettitte is terrified of going to jail, even if it means ratting out his best friend. He’s singing like a canary to get this mess behind him. I hope Roger never did anything “at bandcamp”, or Andy’s telling.

2. Debbie Clemens admitted to taking two ‘test shots’ of HGH because Brian McNamee suggested it. She made it seem like he forced her into taking this, when in reality her vanity issues were the most likely cause.

3. Although his best friend, wife, and personal trainer have all admitted to dealing with performance enhancing drugs, Roger claims he knew absolutely nothing about any of it.

I believe this extraordinary act of lying in the face of mountainous evidence puts Clemens in the “O.J. Simpson” category. Or Shaggy in the “It wasn’t me” video from back in the day. She caught you naked on the bathroom floor Shaggy… just admit it!!

Whatever happened to friends to the end, like Greg Anderson aka G-Money? Greg did two stints in jail to get Barry Bonds’ back, refusing to talk to prosecutors who were hot on his boy’s trail.

Andy Pettitte is not hip hop.

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