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Black People Don’t Play Fantasy Football??

September 3rd, 2008 . by admin

I was watching ESPN’s First Take yesterday morning (guilty pleasure) when Jemele Hill mentioned a report that stated 93% of fantasy football players were white, and that blacks accounted for just 1.6% of the fun.

Coming from a black guy who’s been playing for seven years now, and a black guy who knows tons of other black people who play…. I find this report absolutely shocking. The statistics come from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, who seem a little baffled by the data themselves. It makes me wonder how and where they conducted these polls to come to this conclusion.

Stephen A. Smith tried to sound like he’s too cool for fantasy sports and ended up reinforcing stereotypes by the time it was over:

“But honestly, I’m not surprised to learn that so few blacks are among the 30 million people who participate in fantasy sports. I’ve always thought that a lot of these guys (and 96% of them are guys) are nerds desperately in need of more sociable leisure-time activities. Leisure time for black folks historically consists of direct interaction, the kind of experience you get at a family barbecue or hanging out with friends. Sitting in front of a computer screen pretending to be Bill Parcells? Sounds like work to me.”

Eating ribs? Avoiding work?…. Where have I heard this before?……

Oh yeah…. Chappelle’s show…. watch the video