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The Absolute BEST Move The Raiders Have Made All Season

November 5th, 2008 . by admin

Hey DeAngelo Hall,


We have change in The White House, and it’s starting to appear as if there will be major changes within the Oakland Raiders organization. Mr. Hall was grossly overpaid and it became painfully obvious that he would never live up to the massive contract he signed, therefore Al Davis sent him packing.

“Why release Hall with eight games to play?

Hall admittedly struggled to adapt to the Raiders’ style of man-coverage defense, enough so that Raiders owner Al Davis decided he’d seen enough. Hall is due $16.5 million next season in injury-guaranteed bonuses. Davis would rather take that money and load up a long-term contract offer for cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, according to a league source familiar with the situation.”

In addition to this, Pro Football Talk claims that as many as 15 players on the current roster will be let go before next season. Bay Area residents have had enough… I can only hope this is the beginning of a new philosophy.

Raiders Disaster Watch Update #2 – Lane Kiffin To Be Fired Next Week?; Warren Sapp Disses DeAngelo Hall

September 13th, 2008 . by admin

It looks like the great stalemate of 2008 may be coming to an end next week. According to the San Jose Mercury News, coach Lane Kiffin could be fired as early as Monday or Tuesday if the Raiders don’t look improved against Kansas City in their Sunday matchup.

“Wouldn’t surprise me if people around the Raiders are all but planning the firing press conference–whether it comes next week, the week after or in two weeks.

Because it’s coming. The Rob Ryan Blow Up on Thursday–dictated, I’m sure, by Davis himself and directed at Kiffin and Kiffin’s supporters–told us all that things are at a boiling point in the Raiders offices right now and the only way to ease it up is to fire Kiffin.

Kiffin is the focus of the Al Fury. Kiffin will be blamed for wasting all the big-money and big-ego talents Davis just acquired. Kiffin is being blamed.”

If/When Kiffin is fired, we can expect the Raiders to play like chickens with their heads cut off….. oh wait, they’re already doing that. In fact, I can’t forsee this team looking any worse than they did last week, this might actually be an improvements.

Sapp vs. Hall

Everyone knows DeAngelo Hall got publicly embarrassed by Broncos receiver Eddie Royal last week, and now Hall is vowing to make up for the disaster.

“One of my coaches told me I didn’t play angry,” Hall said. ”I told him, ‘Well, I’m angry now.’ Just go out there ready to fight, play the way I play and that’s aggressive, 100 miles an hour.

“Let the penalties fall as they may.”

But Warren Sapp ain’t buying any of this… he flat out says DeAngelo is HORRIBLE.

“DeAngelo Hall has been getting burnt since he was in Atlanta,” Sapp said. ”DeAngelo Hall is the flashiest burnt-up corner ever in the history of the game. I mean, he gets burnt more than anybody else, and he all of the sudden is this great Pro Bowl cover corner.”


The Oakland Raiders Are An Abomination

September 8th, 2008 . by admin

How the NFL keeps scheduling the Oakland Raiders to play the opening Monday Night Football game is beyond me. They’ve won 19 games in six years and amazingly show no signs of improvement as time passes by.

Last night, the entire country got to witness the Raiders get massacred on their own field by the Broncos (a team which is not that good). Let’s see how the high priced signings did last night:

Tommy Kelly – DT – 7 Year/$50.5 million contract
How did he do last night? 4 tackles, Denver rushed for 142 yds total.

DeAngelo Hall – CB – 7 year/$70 million contract
How did he do last night? Deangelo was ABUSED by Eddie Royal all night, absolutely embarrassed. Due to Royal catching every pass thrown to him, Hall had 7 tackles.

Javon Walker – WR – 6 year/$55 million contract
How did he do last night? Didn’t play due to a nagging injury, money well spent.

Gibril Wilson – SS – 6 year/$39 million contract
How did he do last night? Gave up an easy touchdown to Eddie Royal, adding to his 9 catch, 146 yard night. Wilson did have 11 tackles on the night, which says a lot about the Raiders inability to stop the pass.

Darren McFadden – RB – 6 year/$60 million contract
How did he do last night? 9 rushes, 46 yards. To his credit, McFadden looked pretty good last night and would have had a touchdown if Jamarcus Russell hadn’t fumbled the ball in the 1st quarter. McFadden’s lateral movement looked better than the critics give him credit for.

These are individual players who are VERY talented, but happen to be employed by an organization so dysfunctional and clueless, they can’t put together anything resembling a professional football team.

They make me embarrassed to be from Oakland.