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Animated Gif Of Ahmad Bradshaw Crushing Drew Brees

November 19th, 2013 . by admin

drew brees hit san francisco

It’s a shame that recent NFL politics will determine hits like the one Ahmad Brooks laid on Drew Brees this past Sunday to be illegal. Brooks clearly laid his forearm across Brees’ collarbone and the resulting whiplash caused refs to throw yellow penalty flags, thus costing San Francisco the game.

Takeo Spikes Has A Really Thick Neck [ aka My Gayest Post Ever]

November 30th, 2008 . by admin

When you watch as much sports as I do, you undoubtedly encounter a few athletes who leave you in awe with their physical gifts. I’ve made posts in the past about how Jamarcus Russell is a mammoth human being, but there’s another athlete in the Bay Area who leaves me in awe.

Takeo Spikes. His neck is the size of a telephone pole.

I tried to think of ways to write this post without having huge homo-erotic undertones, but I have failed you all. Here’s a piece of an IM conversation on this very topic.

Chuck Taylor: every time Takeo Spikes is on tv, i marvel at how thick his neck is. ( no prop 8 ) … his neck is like one of the 9th wonders of the world. He should have been a boxer. Mike Tyson had a neck like that
Pearl: i wonder how thick it is.
Pearl: his neck. not his dick.
Chuck Taylor: his neck is wider than his head
Pearl: you’re right
Chuck Taylor: this sounds too gay for me to continue
Pearl: how do you find tshirts that fit right
Chuck Taylor: *throws in the towel*

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Video: Fox Sideline Reporter Asks Mike Singletary About Bill Walsh [WOW!]

October 27th, 2008 . by admin

This video is both outrageously funny and bad enough to make you cringe all at the same time. I felt slightly uncomfortable the first time I saw, but I still laughed.

This reporter (who kinda looks like Megan Good), asks Mike Singletary about talking to his mentor Bill Walsh when he became head coach. The problem is Bill Walsh is not his mentor and he’s been dead for a while now. She was supposed to say Mike Nolan…

What makes it 10x worse is when she goes “wait… what did I do wrong???”. Bitch… you are working the sidelines of a San Francisco 49er game and you don’t know that their greatest coach of all time is dead? She’s doing wonders to represent the legions of females who want to be taken seriously as sports journalists.

Shout out to The Flipcyde and KSK for the video]

It’s Safe To Say Terrell Owens Will Never Play For Mike Singletary

October 26th, 2008 . by admin

Because this guy does NOT allow divas on his team.

Today during the weekly San Francisco 49er drubbing, Vernon Davis earned an unsportsman-like conduct penalty. As soon as he got to the sidelines Singletary chewed him out and kicked him off the field.

“It’s something I told players at the beginning of the week,” Singletary said after the game. “I will not tolerate players who think it is about them and not the team. We can’t make decisions that cost the team, and then come off the sidelines and it’s nonchalant. I’d rather play with 10 people and just get penalized all the way until we have to do something else. Rather than play with 11, when I know that right now, that person is not sold out to be part of the team. It’s more about them, than it is the team. You can not play with them. You can not win with them. You can not coach with them, can’t do it. I want winners. I want people who want to win.”

“I told him he’d do a better job for us right now taking a shower and coming back and watching the game than going out on the field, simple as that,” Singletary said.

I ripped a video of the “altercation” .. but i have to apologize for the quality, I was testing out something new and it didnt come out right. Check it out below.

Here’s Vernon’s response …. Read the rest of this entry »

Papa Don’t Take No Mess!

October 21st, 2008 . by Risse aka TownBiz

Mike Singletary is the Man!

This might come as a surprise to some, but there was actually a time that I loved the 49ers. One of my most cherished childhood memories came in having the pleasure of seeing Steve Young firsthand as a part of the USFL’s LA Express. It was only natural for me to follow his every move once he became a part of San Francisco. Joe Montana was Mr. Everything to me too, and I remember having an autographed 8 x 10 picture. I think I actually still have it at my parents house somewhere. Then there was Roger Craig & Jerry Rice, the thunder & the lightning. All were a fond part of my 80s school daze in the Bay.

Then, somewhere along the way, maybe as I transformed into my East Coast self in the 90s, I somehow drifted astray from that allegiance. By the time I moved back to the Bay Area in 2003, the modern-era 49ers franchise was just too far gone to ever hold my interest.

Then today that all magically changed.

The 49ers first had a delay of game call in announcing they would fire head coach Mike Nolan after next week’s game. How bizarre is that? They then opted to just go for it and give Nolan his walking papers effective immediately. His interim replacement is assistant head coach Mike Singletary. And with that move alone, the Niners might just be able salvage what’s left in this season. I can actually, once again, cheer for them as I have long been a Mike Singletary fan. You will have to wait for my book for me to discuss what I refer to as ‘My Waco Years,’ but Coach Singletary once starred for the Baylor Bears under the legendary Coach Grant Teaff, hence my connection and never-ending props given.

Who cares that Coach Singletary has never been a head coach or even coordinator? He is a Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker and, on the real, was a serious head bussa in his day. I bet he can still make these youngins look like shook ones in the backfield on a 3rd down stop! No doubt he will have all ears in that locker room. And with his reputation for intensity, I bet it won’t be too many of these player personal-conduct issues popping up on his watch either. No sir.

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